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Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps
Rating: Innovative-Ez-Spring-Fin-Straps Fits Tusa Xpert Zooms

The fit (of the clips, etc) and quality is very, very good. Install in a snap. The straps help snug my fins with either my 3mm low booties (Oceanic) or traditional zippered boots (Scubapro 3mm). I will be trying them out in Coz next month.

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Neosport by Henderson 2mm Amara Diving Gloves
Rating: Neosport-by-Henderson-2mm-Amara-Diving-Gloves Good fit

I am 54" but was blessed with not a dainty womans hands (thanks Dad) and these fit very well. Not tight and love the velcro at the wrist. Bought this pair on sale and they are much better than the ones my BF ordered. Good thing they dont fit him or I think hed try and snag them. I accidently forgot to put them on for one dive and was very aggravated with myself. I didnt realize how much better I felt with them on until then.

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Apollo Bio Fin Strap
Rating: Apollo-Bio-Dive-Fin-Strap If color match is your thing

Keep in mind that although the color shows black on the website, the one spare I ordered for my yellow Apollos came in gray.. a little strange, but as long as they work!

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Apollo Bio Pro Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Apollo-Bio-Pro-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Come Over to the Split Side!

As a relatively new diver, I had made the mistake of buying what was on sale from my local dive shop instead of doing research and buying the equipment would better enhance my diving experience. Decided before my next dive vacation that I would upgrade and did my homework and decided to wander over to the split side. These fins are great. Sometimes I have to look down to make sure theyre still on because I feel no ankle stress, and no cramping in my feet. Dont feel like Ive got plywood strapped to my feet. The first dive I did knock my fins together a bit, but then I figured it out and now I can keep up with the DM with minimal effort. They do not create a big amount of turbulence so I can cruise close to the bottom (as close as a newbie can!) and not muck up the dive for my fellow divers. They have mostly negative bouyancy, which I need. Did some drift diving with them and was able to crank when needed and I still wasnt tired when we surfaced. The color is closer to banana yellow than the neon yellow, if that is a factor for anyone. Replacement straps are not black, they are grey.. I ordered them but havent had to use them. Overall, straps are easy to use and adjust. I cant wait to take them out again in December. I wont go back to traditional fins Now - if only I can find a home for that first pair gently used fins...

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