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This bag has much more space than the photo leads you to beleave. I traveled to Roatan with my wife and could have packed most all out dive gear in one bag and rollers are wonderful. The outside straps pull up any slack to keep the bag compact, pull handles and carry straps, great. Jim Spencer

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It works fine, would be nice with some inside containers for small objects. Carring two regs. through sever airports and customs it gets quite heavy along with other items you will be carring along with it. Jim Spencer

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Scubamax Dive Flag and Float
Rating: Scuba-Dive-Flag-and-Float Inflatable dive flags

Diving Venice Beach for shark teeth form shore. The flags were verry easy to use there function was wonderful. My wife and I both used the flags along with four other divers using the same type. The only problem I lost the flag carring the ball out of the water as did one other. Three of us had the flags slide off, I was paying attention to other divers and didnt notice the flag slip off, I should have secured the flag to the post the flag slid over. James Spencer

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