Scuba Gear Reviews by chad stidham

Scubamax Reel
Rating: Scubamax-Dive-Reel compact 9/20/2006

I use this reel to fasten a safty sausage to I then shoot the sausage to the surface when Im ready to make my acsent to the boat from 100ft+ in the ocean.It is very compact and works great!

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Zeagle Pony Bottle or Battery Pack Attachment Kit
Rating: Zeagle-Pony-Bottle-or-Battery-Pack-Attachment-Kit great setup 9/19/2006

This setup makes it easy to swap tank to tank without having to dissasemble my whole setup.I can do multi single tank dives and only have to swap primary tanks.It holds my 19cf pony quite well.

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Sherwood 19 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank
Rating: Sherwood-19-Cubic-Foot-Aluminum-Tank 19 cf 9/19/2006

I spearfish so this tank is a perfect redundant 2nd in the event my primary fails.With this tank I have plenty of air to return slowly and safely to the surface from 100ft.

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