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Scuba Gear Reviews by Elizabeth Rogers

TUSA Duo-Air
Rating: TUSA-Duo-Air Elizabeth 9/18/2006

This is a nice addition to my BC. I am glad I ordered it with my BC. It came in handy one afternoon while servicing a boat with my partner. He ran out of air and just had about 5 minutes worth of work to finish up. So, I took the duo air source and he took my regulator. The duo air worked like a champ, it was hard to tell that this was not a typical regulator. The duo air source eliminates an extra hose dangling off me, just one less thing that was not in the way.

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TUSA Duo-Air
Rating: TUSA-Duo-Air Elizabeth 9/18/2006

I love my BC!!! I tried on many BCs before I finally found this one. I am 51" average weight. I wanted integrated weights but with an easy release. This BC has both, in addition to the release handles not being in the way. It is easy to inflate/deflate with the duo air attachment. It fits nice and snug, doesnt ride up. The shoulder straps fit perfect for the width of my shoulders. The shoulder straps have an adjustable pull strap that pulls BC snug and an even fit for my shoulders. This BC has shoulder strap clip in front which is low enough that it doesnt feel as if it is choking or constricting me. I found other BCs clips in this area way to high, thus a choking feeling. Another great feature is a large velcro cumberbund with a second clipping strap that can be tightened down. Lastly, this BC also has trim weight pockets in the back another nice feature. All in all, I found this BC an excellent fit the petite sized woman.

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TUSA Duo-Air
Rating: TUSA-Duo-Air Elizabeth 9/18/2006

I found this wetsuit easy to don. I am 51" and american built, so to speak, but not overweight. I do not have scrawny arms so I was pleased to finally find a wetsuit I would not have alter. There are just a few small areas, such as in the chest area that I wish I could let about 1/4 in but it is not a have to. The sizing (small) for this wetsuit was accurate, however, one never knows until it is on. Overall, I was pleased with ease of zipping and fastening the velcro, as well as, donning before and after my dives.

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