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Akona Mask, Fin and Snorkel Bag
Rating: Akona-Mask--Fin-and-Snorkel-Bag Buy This! 9/16/2006

The Akona bag is a MUST HAVE for any recreational snorkeler or SCUBA diver. It made it possible to just place what I needed in the bag and GO. It was that easy. If you want to be better organized and your stuff all together then BUY THIS!

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Underwater Kinetics Accessory Hanger
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Accessory-Hanger Must Use! 9/16/2006

I used the hanger got my snorkel & mask! It made the drying process much easier than just placing it on the sink or on the ground. The hanger made it possible to keep my belongings away from the ground, dirt, and kids!!

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Underwater Kinetics Wetsuit Hanger
Rating: Underwater-Kinetics-Wetsuit-Hanger Perfect! 9/16/2006

When I traveled to Hawaii, I was there for 2 weeks and utilized the hanger for my wetsuit! It worked perfectly! I purchased it before the trip and am very thankful I did, as there wasnt a lot of room to place it. The hanger made it simple, easy and to store the the wet wetsuit!

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