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Rating: PROPEL ADJUSTABLE STRAP FINS Light Cannon is a good description 5/14/2007

Nice size. Very bright as the HID bulb may not be instantaneous, but does come on quickly. Price quoted sounded like a great deal compared to the suggested retail, but the same light on other sites was just a tad bit more, so this was a good deal (but knocked it down a star for this). I ordered some wholesale rechargeable batteries in high mA and a nice charger instead of the rechargeable pack. Given my frequency of dives, this more than gives me enough dive time, the turn-around recharge time. Kept the alkaline batteries that come with it for back-up. All in all, I like this light.

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Scuba Dive Flag and Float
Rating: Scuba-Dive-Flag-and-Float Highly Visible 9/10/2006

Ths flag and float was easily packable. Water chamber large enough to allow float to stay upright without problems. Large and high enough to be seen boats in congested passes and in moderate surf. Towed easily. Really cool swimming pool decor when not used diving. Kids finally tore it up...but I bought two initially. This one will be for diving only.

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Scuba Dive Flag and Float
Rating: Scuba-Dive-Flag-and-Float On sale price 9/10/2006

This fin was normally around $90, but bought on sale for around $50. Was inferior to Aero fins I bought regular for my daughter at around the same price. Luckily, my daughters fins were larger than the Propel fins so she has the Propel fins. Works fine for her. You basically get what you pay for. If your going to buy fins, go ahead and pay the extra money for Kineses or higher fins.

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