Scuba Gear Reviews by Anthony J. Freeman

Rating: Skins Crew Short Sleeve Rash Guard. TUSA IMPREX TRI-EX FINS 8/30/2006

I use them for diving and snorkling. They generate very little leg fatigue and they move you through the water at a decent speed with much less effort. I recently upgraded from another TUSA set of fins and will probably chose TUSA for my next upgrade.

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Rating: Skins Crew Short Sleeve Rash Guard. ONEILL CREW SHORT SLEEVE SKIN 8/30/2006

I do most of my water activities in the caribbean - snorkling, diving and some boating. The ONeil skins give me protection from the sun and keep me comfortable in and under the water. I rarely need a suit, I just use my dive skin for anything 65ft. or less. It lets me feel the water without losing too much body heat and dries quickly when I am out of the water. However since I am a short stocky person they sometimes are a bit long for me, however that does not change how great I think they are.

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