Scuba Gear Reviews by Bruce Bennett

Rating: For fans of less flexible fins...

If stiff fins give you leg cramps, these are probably not for you. But if you (like me) dont care for the limp-floppy feel of most other premium fins, these are a notch above the rest. The strap fasteners are great, easy to use and adjust, even in heavy wetsuit and gear, both going on and coming off. Very slightly positive buoyancy. Very good foot comfort with boots on (for my size 10 feet).

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Rating: Solid Easy-to-Read Computer

I liked this computer well enough to buy a second one for my wife. Its plus-side aspects far outweigh the minor negatives, those being: Easy to read with larger displays than a lot of other computers, easy to use with controls right where youd guess theyd be, and the price is not out of sight. It offers Nitrox modes, complete with a way to do a combo of air and Nitrox (set to 21 pct nitrox for air) and still track oxygen levels. The negatives are that the PC-download software is a bit on the rough side, fully usable but not a really clean and fully functional application. The Atmos 2 beeper needs to be much louder to actually catch your attention underwater, and the alarm LED is a bit too small an indication for me (flashing the back light would be a nice addition for alarms). It is not gas-integrated, so it isnt as complete as some other offerings.

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