Scuba Gear Reviews by Dennis Weisgram

Rating: Love This Suit

I bought my 3MM Insta Dry 2 months before going on a trip. Ive read that it was hard to get into the first few times, so I put it on 3 times before going and walked around the house. By the third time, I could slip in and out pretty easily. When I went on my trip, it slipped on like a well fitting glove, no problems. The movement was great. The Black Gold interior clings tightly, yet comfortably (like a second skin). About 1 hour after my first dive, the suit was dry to touch, just in time for my second dive. I’m considering replacing my 7MM with an Insta Dry, but I might only need a 5MM.

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McNett Sea Gold Anti-Fog / Defog
Rating: McNett-Sea-Gold-Anti-Fog---Defog Hot Head

For some reason my body temperature runs a little hotter then most people and I can fog up a mask in seconds. I’ve used every kind of anti-fog application, but still became an expert at flooding and clearing my mask to get rid of the fog. When I tried Sea Gold, it worked. I can go on two or more dives on only one application.

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