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Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 2 Gauge Guard
Rating: Oceanic-Datamax-Pro-Plus-2-Gauge-Guard Bottom Line "Know what you are ordering"

I talked to the dive pro/salesman at and told thim I was looking for a guage guard for the Oceanic Pro Plus 2 console. This it what he sold me. When I opened the shipment I found it to be just another plastic display cover - and nothing else. I will take the blame however as I admit I didnt check out the description online and perhaps I didnt make it clear I wanted underwater protection for the ENTIRE unit. Im still not sure anyone makes such a beast. Just remember this is the same piece of clear plastic which comes with your new console and that covers the display area only and NOT anything that adds protection to the case of the unit itself. My bad!

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Oceanic Pocket Semi-Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-Pocket-Semi-Dry-Snorkel Bottom Line: "I would buy it again"

My son and I went to Roatan and dove with the standard snorkel hanging off of our heads all of the time. A friend recommended switching to a foldable snorkel and simply keeping it in a pocket on the BC. This model from Oceanic is well engineered and works like a charm. In advance you simply place a very small mating disk (similar to rebust velcro) to the strap of your mask (less than the size of a quarter) and when you want your snorkel on the surface BAM! you whip it out of its BC pocket and attach to your mask strap and you are in business. Super quick and ends the presence of a useless underwater snorkel.

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Seacure Hi-Flow Custom Regulator Mouthpiece
Rating: Seacure-Hi-Flow-Custom-Regulator-Mouthpiece Botton Line: "I would buy it again"

this moldable mouthpiece will be more comfortable than your stock mouthpiece but take care when boiling and preparing it. it does not take much to almost bite through it when molding it, even when following the instructions to the letter therefore, only boil the mouth side for exactly the amount of time prescribed in the instructions. also, i found out when calling that placing the regulator side of the mouthpiece in hot but not boiling water for a few seconds helps tremendously in fitting the piece to your regulator. without doing so you will have a very tough time. take care however not to the whole shebang in boiling water as this will vastly oversoften the regulator side and it will deform.

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Innovative Aqua Maraca Signaling Device
Rating: Innovative-Aqua-Maraca-Signaling-Device Bottom Line: "I would buy it again"

i researched all sorts of manner of similar devices and then ed this one to take to roatan on a trip with my son. it has a distinctive sound underwater and was invaluable in getting his attention. other types of devices driven by air are much too obnoxious in a group setting but could be useful when diving only with one other buddy. this device was "just right" and did what it advertised. hint: also bring along an erasable slate (the etch-a-sketch type) as once you get the attention of your dive buddy, you wont have to resort to sign language to get your message across.

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