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Scuba Gear Reviews by Jennifer S.

XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch Brilliant 4/13/2009

My company does a lot of diving and over the years weve worn out many pairs of ankle weights. The useless weights just sat around until I found these little pouches. It was very easy to pour the lead shot from the ankle weights into the pouches and reuse the shot. The pouches are pretty sturdy and the double velcro closures are very good. The pouches are a great way to save money and ensure youve always got some extra weights lying around. I highly recommend these, though when filled with the proper weight theyre pretty stiff.

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch Love em! 3/16/2009

I do a lot of cold water diving for work (40-50 degree water) and need a lot dexterity on top of somthing that will keep my hands warm. This is the third pair of these gloves Ive ordered and Ive become addicted to them. My hands stay toasty warm and the neoprene is so stretchy I can easily and gently pick up even the smallest item. My hands dont get tired from glove squeeze in these as they have in other gloves. The only down side is that theyre not the most durable gloves Ive ever worn. The comfort and warmth make up for any lack of duribility and I would recommend these gloves for anyone who wants their hands to stay warm throughout the day.

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch Wonderful view 4/14/2008

A good chunk of my job involves snorkel and SCUBA diving, so I wear masks a LOT. This mask is one of my favorites. The downward view is great, I can see all the clips on my BC when I put it on, even the chest strap! Its also very comfortable and doesnt leave the red mask outline on your face when you take it off. It does have a tendency to leak, but my face is very hard to fit (high and very prominent cheek bones)and this mask leaks in the same places almost every mask Ive ever tried on leaks. Its really saying something for the mask that I chose to make this my primary mask even if it does leak at times. The comfort and increased field of view are worth it!

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XS Scuba Weight Pouch
Rating: XS-Scuba-Weight-Pouch I LOVE these gloves! 8/13/2007

I dive in cold water (38-52 degress on average) for a living and Ive always had a problem with cold hands and loss of dexterity after half an hour or so. These gloves keep my hands warmer for a longer period of time than any other type of glove Ive ever used. They really do stretch an amazing amount and allow for a really good range of motion even with cold hands. They do run a little small, but ordering the next size up is really worth it! After wearing these, I dont think Ill ever buy another kind of glove again.

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