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Rating: Pro-Cubic Scuba BC Cant go wrong with this wetsuit 1/28/2010

Nice improvements over Hendersons previous hyperstretch. Material is more resistant to damage due to velcro. Neck, arm, and leg seals improve warmth and comfort. Hyperstretch makes it easy to put on and take off. Use as 3mm wetsuit or just as a dive skin in warm waters.

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Rating: Pro-Cubic Scuba BC WONDERFUL BC 10/26/2006

This BC is very comfortable. Non-releasable weights allow for vertical position on surface with little effort, while back buoyancy provides excellent underwater position and stability. The mechanical release weights will never fall out accidentally. Ideally, wed all like to eliminate as much cumbersome equipment as possible. This BC is very good for allowing freedom of movement and helping you to forget that you are wearing a BC. Excellent quality.

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