Scuba Gear Reviews by Matti S.

Henderson Polyolefin Hot Dive Socks
Rating: Henderson-Polyolefin-Hot-Dive-Socks Good socks

Work great great in full foot fins if you tend to develo hot spots and protect the upper part of heel against sun on the surfase. That part tends to be exposed between dive skin and fin. With the socks thats one less spot to smear stinky sun screen on. The socks tend to go around on the boat, though, I started with one pair and now have five socks, none of them originals.

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Henderson 17oz Superior Polyolefin Dive Skin Jumpsuit
Rating: Henderson-17oz-Superior-Polyolefin-Dive-Skin-Jumpsuit Best for warm water

This is an excellent dive skin, best I have tried. Its a little more substantial than the old version. Polyolefin feels better on (my) skin in and out of water than lycra and gives more abrasion protection. It also works great with a light wetsuit jacket or shorty, giving a little more warmth and a lot more protection against sun, rocks and critters. Also, no logos that peel off in water like in some lycras.

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H2O Snorkel Keeper Silicone
Rating: H2O-Snorkel-Keeper-Silicone Back to basics

Never leave home without these. They cant be broken, they always work and sooner or later you will end up needing these no matter what your snorkel comes with, Thats my experience, anyway.

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