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Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-Low-Top-Dive-Socks Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks

I bought a pair of these socks and loved them. They were true to size and very soft and comfortable. Then I lost one my first day out and missed it terribly. I purchased them for use when snorkeling. I snorkel for long periods of time and these make the fins feel like your house slippers. When I ordered a new pair, I ordered an extra. They ended up on back order and I waited for a while and then I decided to call. Scuba said they could cancel the order or replace them with the next sock up at no added cost, which was the XS Scuba brand. Read the reviews and all said order a size or 2 down. Not knowing which to do, ordered 2 pair, 1 and 2 sizes down. I was "sent" 2 and 3 sizes down from originally order and "both" fit. That says to me, poor sizing could mean poor quality all around and they are a little rough compared to the Akona. I will stick with the Akona.

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Akona 2mm Low Top Dive Socks
Rating: Akona-2mm-Low-Top-Dive-Socks Love these socks

I bought these because my open heel fins and full fit fins both rubbed feet. I quit using my full foot fins that I love and went to open heel for the rubbing and ease of packing because of size, but now that I have the socks, I can where either and they feel so confutable at a minimal cost. I wish i had done this a long time ago.

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Trident Waterproof Wallet Belt Pack
Rating: Trident-Waterproof-Wallet-Belt-Pack Keeps it dry

They come in different sizes and the one I bought was to small to carry a lot. Mine was the 6x5x3/4, which was good for my passport, credit card and like items. If i had to do again, the only reason I would not buy is the cost. I would just use a heavy zip lock. It is well made and for what it does, I see where the cost had to go into it. It comes with a shoulder strap and if you must hit the water and cant leave your valuables on shore or boat, like your passport, its a option. "A ziplock wont do that".

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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Traveling snorkel gear bag

Like the fin bag. The bag was put in large suitcase and only fit corner to corner standing on its side, which makes it hard to pack around. The front mask pocket works better for accessories, which is very handy. The lower pocket is not very deep and the zipper access is hard to get to, the upper mask pocket is setting to close on top of it. The lower pocket works well for a large ziplock or water proof bag for things you dont want wet, but must have, passport, cash, etc. The mask pocket will fit a mask, but is to small for me. You must fold the sides of your mask in to fit. I have the average to long full foot fins and they fit well with room for my mask at the top. I even had another set of medium open heel fins turned the opposite way in also. Like a back pack, if you have something in the bottom, you have to remove or dig past everything to get it. All in all the bag works well with the double backpack style straps (makes it easy to carry and frees up your hands) and is worth the money. I liked well enough for the money, I ordered a 2nd.

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