Scuba Gear Reviews by Timothy L.

Oceanic U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mesh Fin Carry Bag
Rating: Oceanic-U.S.A.-Limited-Edition-Mesh-Fin-Carry-Bag Great transporting bag 02/10/2014

This bag was great for transporting our gear. We walked about 2 miles one day with them on our backs. Only issue is that the strap is a little rough if you wear it without a shirt. Otherwise you can fit fins and all other snorkel gear in the bag. We carried fins, snorkel, mask, sunscreen, and camera in one bag and there was still tons of room.

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Oceanic U.S.A. ``Limited Edition`` Ultra Dry Snorkel
Rating: Oceanic-U.S.A.-``Limited-Edition``-Ultra-Dry-Snorkel Awesome snorkel! 02/10/2014

These snorkels are great. Never had water in the snorkel as a result of snorkel failure. I managed to get water in my mask but that was my own fault. It was a breeze to dive and not have to worry about the water coming in the snorkel. Also didnt have to worry about the waves that sometimes hit the top of the snorkel. Awesome product overall! Highly recommend!

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Oceanic Ion 3X U.S.A. ´´Limited Edition´´ Mask
Rating: Oceanic-Ion-3X-U.S.A.-Limited-Edition-Mask Out of stock but replaced quickly 02/10/2014

When I ordered 2 of these masks there was nothing that said they were out of stock. 1 week later, emails me and says that its out of stock and it wouldnt make it to me til the 21st of Jan. I was leaving for Cozumel on the 20th so my fiance called them and talked to them. They ended up agreeing to upgrade to the Ion 3 (which they state is not different than the 3x but it is indeed smaller). They also agreed to ship via 3 day shipping but I think we actually got the gear in about 2 days. I was definitely impressed with the customer service and how well they handled there mess up. The masks were great and luckily my fiances head is a little smaller than mine so the ION 3 fit her ok. We used the 500psi anti fog but came to find out that colgate or any paste toothpaste works better. A great product overall.

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Oceanic U.S.A. ``Limited Edition`` Viper Full Foot Fins
Rating: Oceanic-U.S.A.-``Limited-Edition``-Viper-Full-Foot-Fins Wrong product but great customer service 02/10/2014

I ordered the full foot fins but instead received the adjustable strap fins. Luckily my fiance liked them and they worked well. They were also more expensive but they didnt charge us so that is a positive. Customer service was great with our order. They upgraded us to 3 day shipping because of them not having an item in stock.

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