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Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus 3.0 Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer
Rating: Oceanic-Datamax-Pro-Plus-3.0-Air---Nitrox-Integrated-Computer is the best

This is overall review rather than product specific. As for the datamax 2.1 dive computer, it was unavailable and the quality people at recommended the Datamax 3.0. See my review of that. Short story is great dive computer you will love it. As for, they worked against short timeline to fill order equipping my daughter and I with BCDs, regulators, octos, and computers. When failed to deliver BCD and regulator my wife ordered, I contacted the pros at They had the BCD in stock and were able to recommend several excellent choices of regs/octos for my wife. Everything was shipped next morning and arrived in 48 hours saving trip to Grand Cayman. If its important, and you want to deal with knowledgable professionals, go with

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Deep See Squeeze Lock Titanium Knife
Rating: Deep-See-Squeeze-Lock-Titanium-Knife Light weight but sacrifice edge quality

Titanium is nice weight saver and low maintenance metal but very difficult to put fine cutting edge on. Wife has stainless version and I believe it is the better tool as I can hone it to razor edge on diamond lap wheel to quickly cut through any entanglement. If you take care to carefully wash and dry your gear go with stainless. If cleaning and caring for gear is a necessary evil then this may be the knife for you.

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XS Scuba Seaair Tri-Metal Regulator
Rating: XS-Scuba-Seaair-Tri-Metal-Regulator Good purchase

I am a warm water sport diver so I am not going to really challenge a regulator. Very happy with second stage. Adjustment is nice and breaths very easy. Possible to forget you are on a reg and let it slip. Bubbles are diverted away from mask and do not interfere with macro photography. First stage hose routing is forward on horizontal plane which tends to challenge the upper position strap on my AquaLung Axiom I3 BCD causing me to position tank a bit lower than if hose routing was in vertical plane Not a big deal but my daughters Mares seems easier to deal with. Overall very happy with high quality finish and comfortable breather. Unless you spend the $ for titanium there is not much room for improvement.

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Dive Optics Stick-On Optic Lenses for Masks
Rating: Dive-Optics-Stick-On-Optic-Lenses-for-Masks Provides close up monocular vision

Works as advertised and easy to install. Have made 12 dives with these and no sign they will turn loose. Being plastic vs glass you have to be careful with buffing agents in mask. After talking to others seems most dive masks will not allow you to focus thru both eyes and lenses at near object due to mask farms and nose pieces blocking view. You will only see close up objects like camera setting thru one eye at a time. This works fine just did not expect it. Happy to be able to read dive watch and other items during dive.

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Aqua Lung SeaQuest Axiom i3 BC
Rating: Aqua-Lung-SeaQuest-Axiom-i3-BC Great BCD

first bcd ive owned. used a variety of rentals. ed aqua lung for the i3 system. is is worth it. very easy to adapt to. intuitive. i am 6 180 with athletic build med/org is god fit for 32 inch waist. would accommodate up to 36/38 inch waist. manual inflated works perfectly so no worries. rugged, full featured jacket style bc. not too heavy for travel.

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Sherwood Wisdom 3 Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer
Rating: Sherwood-Wisdom-3-Air---Nitrox-Integrated-Computer Great dive computer

Purchased for wife. First computer but she has 50+ dives. As easy to learn as any dice computer on market. Very clear display with large readout. Clear information with messages such as STOP or SAFE for safety stop and ascension rate plus elapsed time. Quick disconnect is smooth and easy and a necessity if you dint want you computer damaged as fear get tossed around boats. Have made 13 dives with this and see no room for improvement for recreational diving. Highly recommend this or XS Scuba Datamax Pro 3.0. Cannot go wrong with either.

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Akona Mini Retractor
Rating: Akona-Mini-Retractor Mini retractor

Adequate for small light, slate or small point and shoot camera. Not strong enough for dive console. A shorter attachment buckle system or surface strap type mount would be an improvement.

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Innovative Mini-Quest Slate
Rating: Innovative-Mini-Quest-Slate Mini slate

Works as advertised. Compact and fits snugly in BCD pocket. Magnetic erasable on one side and 2 sided white slate inside. Good for pre-dive notes or for white balancing camera during dive.

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