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Scuba Mask, Fin & Snorkel Backpack Bag
Rating: Scuba-Mask--Fin---Snorkel-Backpack-Bag Mask, fin, snorkel backpack

Well made, looks good, and fits large size fins, snorkel, and mask. I even put in a pair of shorty fins.

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Mares Wave Full Foot Fins
Rating: Mares-Wave-Full-Foot-Fins Avanti HP full foot fins

Great looking product. Was surprised to see that they are a little too big. Perfect when I use a bootie. Will be using then when I snorkel in Maui. I have a size 12 shoe size and the smaller size would have been too small.

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Innovative Silicone Grease
Rating: Innovative-Silicone-Grease Silicon Grease

I bought this, thinking it will be useful for the seal on the Sealife Mini 2 camera seal. Found out the seal requires no grease. There is always a use for silicon grease so I am not unhappy with the purchase.

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Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera
Rating: Sealife-Mini-2-Underwater-Dive-Camera Sealife Mini 2 Dive Camera

bought this camera, on sale, for an upcoming snorkel adventure in hawaii. i also bought the wide angle lenses. the program is very easy to use and is specific for land, snorkel, and dive modes. at first, i used two aaa duracell batteries and found the camera will eat them up in no time. tried rechargeable batteries and got more life out of them. for the snorkeling, i will use the lithium type which will give the time i need for the dive. the 3x zoom is quirky and goes in steps by pressing the zoom button. it is important to the proper battery setting on the menu for the camera to sense battery use. fully read the instructions and play with the camera before using. the camera is sensitive to light. the flash will use up the battery quickly. without flash, use good lighting. with the wide angle lens in place, the flash will not work well. since the camera is not buoyant, i bought a floatation strap. the only draw backs i can see is that the camera is a fair weather camera with average photos. the memory card is limited to 8gb and they are getting hard to find as memory cards are getting much bigger. the battery use is very high. the rear view screen is not bright enough, but gets a person in the right area. the pluses are that there is not a better camera, rated to 130ft, for the price. the construction of the camera appears excellent. the camera is easy to use. there is an extra o ring that comes with the unit. the unit is fairly shock resistant. the price is hundreds lower than anything close to its abilities. for me, an infrequent snorkeler, it fits the bill perfectly. the camera came quickly from if you are a frequent diver, then prepare to spend 15-20 times more.

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