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Rating: deluxe padded protective case

this case is going to be used for my spare parts and its large enough to hold quite a bit of small stuff. Im done with plastic baggies.

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Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve
Rating: Scuba-Console-Padded-Protection-Sleeve padded protection sleeve

OMG..... I wish I had ordered this BEFORE my live aboard trip. Our dive equipment is keapt one beside each other to fill tanks and they are squished in beside each other so there is alot of bumping and banging against the BCDs. I tried to tuck my regs and computer inside the BCD for protection but if I had this sleeve I would have felt much better about protecting it. The sleeve is slightly padded with a pull string that will fit any dive computer and you can tuck it in your BCD or hang it on your station... its a small investment to prevent that nasty scratch mine got!!

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Atomic Cobalt Computer Case
Rating: Atomic-Cobalt-Computer-Case Cobalt computer case

This case is a perfect fit, not bulky just perfect so when you travel and have to cut down on taking any extras you wont have too. Its also a hard case that provides that extra protection, Ive invested alot in this dive computer and the case is well worth the purchase. I also added the colored cover and screen protector to help prevent scratches.

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