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Hollis Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip
Rating: Hollis-Stainless-Steel-Swivel-Bolt-Clip Thanks for nothing

These were listed on the website as being in stock. Then got an email 4 days after order was placed saying they were backordered. So then they finally shipped order. They could have given me a suitable substitute or asked if i wanted a suitable substitute but instead shipped order. On top of that they charge an additional fee of $10 gor shipping to and FPO address when it truly is not an extra cost to ship as per USPS they charge that cause an employee has to take an extra 3 min to fill out a customs form. Ao not only did i not get my needed item i would have had to pay the $10 FPO surcharge again in order to get a substitute.

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Pinnacle 5mm Tempo Merino Elastiprene Super-Stretch Wetsuit
Rating: Pinnacle-5mm-Tempo-Merino-Elastiprene-Super-Stretch-Wetsuit Warm and comfy

This suit dons easily, its warm. Feels nice against the skin and is stretchy so you can move around a bit. Purchased the XL. At 73" tall and 200 lbs this suit fits perfectly. One thing I dod notice about the suit is that the velcro will stick to the merino lining inside so heed the warning on the suits instruction card and pay attention when you are putting this suit on and especially when taking it off. I caught a bit of merino with velcro the first time i took it off. Its s great suit though just be careful with the velcro and merino.

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Zeagle Contoured Weight Pouch (Each).
Rating: Zeagle-Contoured-Weight-Pouch-Each. Solid weight pouch

Works just fine. Keeps your weights in one place preventing you from havjng smaller weights slip through your zeagle ripcord loops. Plus if you do dump your weights these bad boys are pretty hard to miss (yellow) .

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