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Scuba Gear Reviews by Scott Gigot

Ocean Quest Pacific Totally Dry Snorkel
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Pacific-Totally-Dry-Snorkel Love the check valve 12/03/2013

I am not an experienced snorkeler but had no issues with sucking in water, even diving down as far as I could. In a weeks time I only had a little salt water in my mouth once but the purge works as designed. After extended use I found the mouthpiece rubbed on my lower gums a little bit but nothing too serious.

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Ocean Quest Arctic Clear High Definition Purge Mask
Rating: Ocean-Quest-Arctic-Clear-High-Definition-Purge-Mask Couldnt be happier! 12/03/2013

I got this mask to do some snorkeling near Ambergris Caye in Belize, and figured that if thats one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world I better be able to enjoy it. I had a little bit of fogging until I got some help clearing the mask (scrub it down with fan coral or the tail of your cotton shirt, rinse, apply saliva, and rinse) - then it was crystal clear the whole time. I have a decent moustache so I got the mask purge option and once I got used to it, it worked fantastic. After an hour-plus I would get a little sore under my nose, but overall I was delighted with the mask. Thanks to all the good reviews! I got some prescription lenses for this mask because my eyesight is *bad*. The diopter-only lenses did a very good job even though I have some cylinder correction as well. On land, I had a little double vision off in the distance but once I got used to it *or* got into the water, no problems.

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