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H2O Rhino Double Braided High Pressure Gauge Hose
Rating: H2O-Rhino-Double-Braided-High-Pressure-Gauge-Hose Braided high pressure hose

These are excellent hoses, but they are bit stiffer than the regular high pressure hoses. So when you are buying one make sure you buy a hose long enough to provide for smooth bends if needed. On the other hand they are much stronger and safer than the regular cheap rubber hoses, so if you buy the right size youll be much happier with this type of hose.

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Deep Outdoors Universal Buckle-Less Fin Strap
Rating: Deep-Outdoors-Universal-Buckle-Less-Fin-Strap Buckleless fin strap

An absolute must have. They can be stored anywhere, are extremely flexible, and are easy to put on in case your fin strap breaks. Great for dive masters to carry as well, an easy to replace strap with universal fit, great for emergency use if your customers fin strap break while you are guiding.

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Mares Volo Power Adjustable Strap Fins
Rating: Mares-Volo-Power-Adjustable-Strap-Fins Volo open heel fins

The best fin on the market, no question. I do over 300 dives a year, and these fins are just perfect for power, maneuverability, just a superb fin overall.

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