Scuba Gear Reviews by Kevin G.

Rating: Id give 3.5 stars if I could

Its a well made bag but the hard sides limit packability, and stowability at your destination. It almost has to be carried separate. If you are traveling with another, you can probably redistribute your carry on stuff and one can carry the reg bag (two reg sets will fit I think), but as a solo traveler I dont have the option. So I prefer soft side (padded) bag from another manufacturer, or no reg bag at all. wet suits and bpw shield the regs pretty well.

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Rating: Great Roller Bag

The bag accompanied me on a 10 day trip to Chuuk and came out unscathed. Hauled assorted none breakable camera gear, bpw, hollis F1 fins, a skin and a 3/2mm wet suit, regs, and other assorted trinkets. Sturdy yet light weight, its pretty easy to over pack (beyond airline weight limits) this bag once you get used to the slightly odd shape - it took me two tries, all was good the second time around. Its ability to be left standing on end makes it very manageable in line and while dealing with customs & immigration, you know those times you wish you had a third hand to wrangle bags and "your papers please"?

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