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Warm Water Shorties and Warm Water Wetsuits are great for keeping the sun off your back in any tropical environment. Temperate Water Wetsuits will keep you warm and sun-screened. Cold Water Wetsuits are perfect for cooler times and frigid destinations. See more  

If you’re surfing, you can’t go wrong with a Full 1 Piece jumpsuit or a Shorty wetsuit or dive shirt to protect you from both the sun and the chill.

Scuba / Snorkeling Wetsuits

Whether Snorkeling, Surfing, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, or Scuba Diving, there’s a wetsuit right here designed to keep you warm in almost any environment. Most suits are interchangeable between sports, too – a shorty wetsuit you went scuba diving with in Hawaii will work just as well for water-skiing or snorkeling back home.

Wetsuits are mostly made of neoprene and other neoprene-based proprietary materials, like Thermoprene, Hyperstretch, or Titanium. Neoprene is a porous material, designed to contain millions of tiny nitrogen bubbles perfect for insulation. It absorbs a thin layer of water, which is then quickly warmed by your body temperature and used as a barrier to keep cold water away from your skin.

If you’re unsure what wetsuit to get, remember that it’s always a safer bet to go with a warmer wetsuit then you need. Excess heat can be dealt with by water circulation, but excess cold can make for a miserable experience, or even end your dive before it really starts. Women also tend to get colder faster than men, a trick of body chemistry and increased surface area, so it’s always smart for a woman to choose a thicker wetsuit than she might otherwise consider. When diving as a couple, it makes sense for the woman to have a warmer suit than the man, no matter the destination.

Warm Water Shorties
Warm Water Shorties

A warm water shorty wetsuit offers some protection from the cold, while still allowing you full range of motion. A short wetsuit is perfect for a summer dive, keeping you comfortable and unrestricted and most importantly warm. This keeps you in the water longer without worry. Without long sleeves and pant legs, they’re also much easier to get into and out of then other suits. A shorty wetsuit is also perfect for younger divers and snorkelers, especially children, helping them with buoyancy while still keeping them protected.

Warm Water Wetsuits
Warm Water Wetsuits

For water temperatures from 75 to 85 degrees, a warm water wetsuit is ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, or any water-based activity. A wetsuit designed for warm water is usually ½ millimeter to 3 millimeters in thickness, or about an eighth of an inch. The advantage of a full wetsuit over a shorty wetsuit is the increased surface area, which is far better protection when encountering the stinging tendrils of a jellyfish. Not only that, but the extra material on your arms and legs also keeps you better protected from sunburn and the cold, which will allow you stay in the water even longer.

Warm water wetsuits are ideal for diving in locations like Florida, Texas, Cozumel, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Belize, Hawaii, the Sea of Cortez, the Northern Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Sipidan, Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, the Seychelles, the Mediterranean, and any warm waters throughout the world. If it’s a cooler time of year, it may be a good idea to add a beanie, hood, or vest for additional warmth.

Temperate Water Wetsuits
Temperate Water Wetsuits

For cooler temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees, a temperate water wetsuit of 4mm to 6mm thickness is required. It can also be used for extended dives, deeper dives, and for cold weather in otherwise warmer locales.

Consider a temperate water wetsuit when diving at locations such as: the Red Sea, Mexico (Pacific side), the Southern Great Barrier Reef, and any temperate waters throughout the world. Combine with a 3 to 5mm hood, hooded vest, or tunic for extra warmth.

Cold Water Wetsuits
Cold Water Wetsuits

When dealing with temperatures as low as 45 degrees, a cold water wetsuit is an absolute necessity for any cold-weather expedition. Usually made of 6.5 to 7mm thick material, a cold water wetsuit will keep you in the water and diving longer, while protecting you from hyperthermia. Gloves and boots are also a smart buy to match with your wetsuit, especially if you want to be able to do anything with your hands while you’re under.

If you’re thinking of a suit without an attached hood, it may be smart to pick up a separate 7mm hood – after all, a huge portion of body heat is lost through the head. The head also contains a few important bits, and may be worth protecting.

Cold water wetsuits are just the thing when diving at destinations like: Northern California, Oregon, Washington, New York, the Great Lakes, New England, Northern Europe, and during winter at more temperate locations.

For scuba diving in even colder temperatures, check out dry suits.

Wetsuit Accessories
Wetsuit Accessories

Maintaining your wetsuit is just as important as using it, and this category is the place to go for any wetsuit needs. Pick up a folding hanger you can keep with you on the road, or grab an electric hanger that holds your wetsuit open and uses built-in fans to dry your suit out – something as large and wet as a wetsuit can take ages to dry, and a little extra help will protect your wetsuit from mildew and unneeded wear and tear.

You’ll also find wetsuit shampoo and conditioner, to keep your wetsuit clean and pleasant smelling, and can also be used on BCs and other equipment. If your wetsuit is well-worn, why not pick up some neoprene cement to reinforce those all-important seams?

Full 1-Piece Jumpsuits
Full 1-Piece Jumpsuits

When riding the waves in colder environments, a Full 1 Piece Surf Jumpsuit is indispensable for providing hours of warmth and comfort in otherwise inhospitable weather. A full wetsuit also protects your skin from sunburn, which can often sneak up on you during a lengthy outing, especially in cooler times of year when the sun is often an afterthought.

Full wetsuits are meant to protect, and they all have a number of features just for that purpose. Some have built-in rubber knee pads that will keep the skin on your knees, and suits with varying layers of neoprene thickness to protect you in all the right places.

Shorties and Everything Else
Shorties and Everything Else

Containing a cornucopia of surf and watersport options, our Shorties and Everything Else category makes sure know style of suit, no matter how specialized, slips through the cracks. If you’re looking for Sleeveless Shorties, Farmer John Wetsuits, Wetsuit Jackets, Bermuda Shorts, Wetsuit Vests, or Swim Shirts and everything in between, look no further.

Layering can be extremely important in keeping warm, and all the options here will make sure you’re never without a clothing option or personal outfit customization choice. See less  

Full Dive Skins
Full Dive Skins
Full dive skins are one-piece body suits that will help protect you from cuts, scrapes, stings and other things while scuba diving or snorkeling. Dive skins are sometimes made out of Lycra material, which is an elastic fabric. Wearing a lycra under a wetsuit will make getting in and out of your suit a bit easier as the neoprene will slide better against the Lycra rather than your skin. There are a variety of dive skins to choose from for every diving trip. Some will even offer thermal protection in warm water diving or when worn beneath a wetsuit.
Rash Guards / Tops and Bottoms
Rash Guards / Tops and Bottoms
Rash guards offer the same type of protection as dive skins and are usually the same thickness as a typical dive skin. Rash guard bottoms are typically worn under boardshorts to reduce rashes and the tops can be used for an extra layer of thermal protection under a wetsuit or as UV protection on a sunny day. See less  

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