Technical Diving Gear

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Rebreathers provide a lightweight, virtually silent alternative to traditional open-circuit breathing systems. Twin Tanks and Manifolds allow you to double your dive time. TEK BCs help to regulate your buoyancy, keeping you exactly where you want to be. Everything Else is a grab bag of useful diver gear, from surgical tubing to Spare Air supplies.See more  

Technical Diving Gear

Professional gear for the expert diver, this is your one-stop-shop for high quality technical diving equipment.


Get closer to marine life and dive deeper and longer with your very own closed-circuit rebreather. Recirculating unused oxygen and scrubbing carbon dioxide, a closed-circuit rebreather creates no bubbles, the kind that can disturb sea life and scare them away before you can see them up close.

The air from a rebreather is also moist and warm, a stark contrast to the cold, dry, high-pressure air from traditional breathing apparatuses. Not only does this make breathing underwater much more comfortable, it also makes the diver feel warmer. The moisture in the oxygen can also help to prevent the dry mouth that can occur during long dives, making underwater breathing feel natural.
With reliable computer-controlled oxygen sensors and LED heads up display, you'll never be stuck wondering about the condition of your gear or the length of your supply. For a lightweight, silent, longer and more comfortable dive, checkout a closed-circuit rebreather.

Twin Tanks and Manifolds
Twin Tanks and Manifolds

Double the length of your dive with a twin-cylinder tank package, available in low and high-pressure models. Available in sizes from 80 to 130 cubic feet, you'll always be able to find the exact supply you'll need for any task.

These tanks are made of a rugged chromium-molybdenum alloy , the same kind of light-weight, high-strength metal used in aircraft frames specifically for its high strength-to-weight ratio . With a resilient hot dipped galvanized steel finish, you never have to worry about the strength of these tanks.

You'll also be able to find separate manifolds on this page as well, allowing you to gang two tanks together for maximum air supply.


Keep a tight rein on the weight and buoyancy factor of yourself and all of your equipment with a quality BC. Find models from a dozen manufacturers, all of them made from the kind of high-quality ballistic material that will keep your BC in good condition for years to come.

Fitted with air-controlled ballistic bladders, you'll always be able to tune your buoyancy in to exactly the right spot. By adjusting the volume of air in the bladder, you can choose to keep a positive buoyancy on the surface, or a neutral buoyancy while underwater, which helps to mitigate swimming fatigue.

You can also find BC accessories here, like harness and strap kits that allow you to make your BC more comfortable.

Everything Else
Everything Else

Find a wide variety of diver-friendly accessories in our Everything Else category, and make sure you're never stuck without exactly what you need. Grab a regulator necklace to keep your regulator in place around your neck, or pick up some surgical tubing, the canny diver's equivalent of duct tape!

You can find pressure gauges, in-line shut off valves, and even Spare Air vests useful as emergency oxygen supplies for kayakers, surfers, and any watersport enthusiast. The surface markers here can keep you safe from unsuspecting water traffic, and a redundant air system could quite possibly save your life! See less  

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