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Stay warm during watersports with Swim Neoprene and Skins. Swim Goggles, Fins, and Snorkels are a must-have for anyone looking to spend time in the water. Our Kidz Swim section is loaded with equipment for pint-sized swimmers. A Triathlon wetsuit can aid you in your next race. Or check out our Swim Accessories for an assortment of handy swimming gear. See more  

Swim Gear

Whether swimming recreationally, in a race, or just for exercise, there's a world of swim gear out there to keep you warm, make your life easier, and improve your skills.

swimming neoprene skins
Swim Neoprene and Skins

When it comes to water sports, nothing is more important or more difficult than staying warm. Whether swimming or paddling, water skiing or kayaking, we have wetsuits and skins to keep you warmer, longer. In a dozen shapes and styles, you can find Bermuda shorts, swim shorties, sleeveless shorties and full length skins for any destination and climate.

A smart solution to staying warm is layering - the additional coverage keeps you warm, but if things get too hot, it's not hard to remove just one piece and stay comfortable. This page has an assortment of neoprene gloves and hoods perfect for layering.

Swim Goggles, Fins, and Snorkels
Swim Goggles, Fins, and Snorkels

What's the fun of swimming if you can't see anything? No matter the sport - water skiing, kayaking, kite surfing, or triathlons, everybody needs a swim goggle. Great for protecting your eyes from spray or just for taking a peep beneath the waves, our goggles come in all sizes and types. Most even have 100% UV protection to keep the sun out, and anti-fog coating to keep your lenses clear and your swimming safe.

Swim fins are a great addition to any set of swim gear, whether for recreation or exercise. Many swim fins train your muscles against resistance, improving your overall stroke over time. Grab a snorkel while you're at it and hit the water fully decked out.

Kidz Swim
Kidz Swim

It's never too early to experience the joys of swimming, so be sure to visit our Kidz Swim section for all the equipment you and your child will need. We carry children's swim gear and accessories for kids of all ages, from toddlers on up. Whether searching for goggles, snorkels, or colorful novelty fins, our Kidz Swim section will provide the extra spark to any family swim outing.

There's no feeling like knowing your kids can handle themselves in the water. Be sure to check out our instruction DVDs, and get tips for baby and toddler swim instruction. You'll also get the peace of mind of knowing your kids can have a safe, fun time in the water.

swimming triathlon

A triathlon can be a grueling experience, one that calls for every ounce of endurance and willpower in your body. The swim portion is widely considered to be the most difficult portion, owing to the greater resistance against motion and the full-body requirements of swimming.

Why not make things a little easier with a wetsuit or skin designed just for triathletes? Stay flexible, stay warm, and stay ahead with our suits and goggles that will give you every advantage you need for your next race.

Also check out our triathlon swim goggles, many of which are streamlined and sleek, designed for minimum resistance and maximum visibility.

swimming water polo gear
Swimming and Everything Else

Find all the swimming gear you need here, with our Swimming and Everything Else category. Looking to improve your swim techniques and skill? Why not check out all of the swim training gear within, like hand paddles for increasing resistance and strength, or an alignment kickboard for improving body alignment and position? Nose clips are handy for staying comfortable in the water, and a heart monitor can give you audible feedback on just how hard you're working out. See less  

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Top 5 Swimming and Everything Else

Finis Alignment Kickboard
Starting at $19.95
Finis Snorkel Head Bracket
Starting at $11.95
Finis Cardio Cap
Starting at $5.95

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Top 5 Kidz Swim

Finis Mermaids Swim Fin  
Starting at $31.99
Finis Kids Finz  
Starting at $15.95

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Top 5 Swim Neoprene and Skins

Head 2.5mm Wave Shorty Wetsuit  
Starting at $59.99
H2O Magna 2mm Webbed Surf Gloves  
Starting at $19.95

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Top 5 Triathlon

Head 2.5mm Wave Shorty Wetsuit  
Starting at $59.99

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Top 5 Swim Goggles, Fins and Snorkels

H2O Prolite Eyeline Goggles  
Starting at $24.95
Finis Swimmers Snorkel  
Starting at $29.99
Finis Shooter Monofin
Starting at $149.95
Head Jaguar LSR+ Standard Goggles  
Starting at $29.95

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Top 5 Water Polo

Finis Swim Cap
Starting at $7.95
Finis Latex Swim Cap  
Starting at $3.95

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