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Check out Surf Apparel that is both stylish and practical. Board / Lycra Shorts provide excellent protection and comfort in warm environments. Surf Boards will move you out of rentals and onto your very own board. Surf Boots help keep you warm in cold waters. Our Everything Else category has an assortment of must-have accessories for any contingency. Full 1-Piece Jumpsuits keep you warm and sun-burn free. Surf Gloves provide warmth and extra grip without sacrificing dexterity. Surf Hoods prevent heat loss from your most vulnerable spot. Kidz Gear provides wetsuits and rash guards in child sizes. Long Sleeve Rashguards and Short Sleeve Rashguards offer sun and abrasion protection. Shorties and More offers alternate wetsuit styles not covered above. See more  

Surfing Gear

Don't let a lack of equipment stop you from riding the waves. Find everything you need for an amazing and safe surf trip right here. Grab a board, a wetsuit or a rash guard and get paddling.

Surf Apparel
Surf Apparel

Surf and sun have always gone hand in hand, but why get burned before or after your favorite sport? We have wide-brimmed straw hats to keep the sun out of your face, and brand-name sunglasses to keep your eyes from soaking up harmful UV rays.

Shoes and socks are never a convenient option after any water sport, so why not pick up some high quality sandals you can throw on for pre-surf and post-surf activities? For colder environments, slip-on fleece-lined boots make an excellent alternative to cramming wet feet into normal footwear.

A t-shirt is a fantastic way to protect yourself from sun and display your love of surfing, and there are t-shirts here from a number of popular surf brands.

Board / Lycra Shorts
Board / Lycra Shorts

Board shorts make for excellent swim wear that can be worn while on a surfboard, in a home pool or spa, or even just as beach and beach-city apparel. Versatile and comfortable, board shorts allow excellent freedom of movement without sacrificing style.

Lycra shorts serve as rash guard alternatives in warm water, providing a snug-fitting, motion-friendly protection designed to reduce discomfort. Not only can they be worn on their own, they serve as an effective, comfortable, and warm undergarment for board shorts or wetsuits.

Surf Boards
Surf Boards

The one must-have item on any surfer's gear list is a surf board of their very own, and you can find dozens of brand-name surf boards right here. Available in all shapes, sizes, and weight capacities, there's a surfboard for every need and individual. The required skill level of each surf board varies greatly, meaning that you can find the right surf board for any level of experience. If you're looking for a body board or paddle board accessories, you can find everything you need right here.

Surf Accessories / Everything Else
Surf Accessories / Everything Else

Never be caught without the right equipment - not having exactly what you need when you need it can be a frustrating experience. A wetsuit, skin, or rash guard is a significant investment, and their lifespan can be greatly decreased without proper maintenance. Getting a wetsuit or any water apparel dry after a surf trip is no easy task, so why not make it easier with a folding wetsuit hanger or an electric wetsuit dryer?

Here you'll find a plethora of must-have gear you might not know you needed. From swim fins to waterproof dive watches, anti-jelly fish spray to towels, or even bags to conveniently haul your gear, this page has it all. You can even pick up a Spare-Air can for emergencies, providing you with a small supply of air for any water activity.

Full 1-Piece Jumpsuits
Full 1-Piece Jumpsuits

When riding the waves in colder environments, a Full 1 Piece Surf Jumpsuit is indispensable for providing hours of warmth and comfort in otherwise inhospitable weather. A full wetsuit also protects your skin from sunburn, which can often sneak up on you during a lengthy outing, especially in cooler times of year when the sun can become an afterthought. Full wetsuits are meant to protect, and they all have a number of features just for that purpose. Some have built-in rubber knee pads that will keep the skin on your knees, and other suits have varying layers of neoprene thickness to protect you in all the right places.

Surf Gloves
Surf Gloves

Gloves are a handy accessory for any water sport, especially one like surfing where you spend a lot of time with your hands in the water. Stay warm with lycra and neoprene gloves, all of which create an insulating barrier between your fingers and the water. Many gloves are made of sharkskin synthetic leather, or have mesh sewn into the palm, all of which help you increase your grip in an already slippery environment.

Surf Boots
Surf Boots

Surfing in cold waters is no joke, and keeping your balance with frozen feet can be a difficult proposition. Keep your toes toasty and warm with a pair of surf boots, which can also be used for any watersport. Not only can they keep you warm in and out of the water, but many boots come complete with non-slip tread that keep you on your board longer. Surf boots are available in a wide variety of styles, from low-top slippers to thin flipper socks to split-toe, ninja-style boots that help increase grip.

Surf Hoods
Surf Hoods

A great deal of body heat escapes right through your head - why not get a hood, dive beanie, or squid lid to keep you warm in cold waters? Layering is a fantastic idea for staying versatile, because it allows you to regulate your body heat no matter the weather.

Wear a wetsuit and a hood, or a rash guard and a beanie, and remove pieces as needed to stay comfortable. All hoods and caps are available at multiple thicknesses and sizes, allowing you to customize your swim gear to any locale.

Kidz Surf Gear
Kidz Gear

It's never too early to show your kids the joys of surfing, but make sure they have everything they need to have a fun and safe trip. Child-sized rash guards and wetsuits will protect your little ones not only from the cold, but from painful sunburn as well. Kids are practically famous for removing sunscreen as fast as possible, or for never even putting it on at all. A layer of cloth or neoprene can go a long way to saving them the pain and peeling of a serious sun burn.

Long Sleeve Rash Guards
Long Sleeve Rash Guards

A long-sleeved rash guard is the perfect apparel for cool weather surfing, operating as an efficient thermal layer between skin and surf. Not only that, but many of them are UV rated at up to 50 SPF, insuring you'll be able to stay out longer without the dread of a painful sunburn hanging over your head.

The thin and comfortable odor-resistant material also doubles as protection against minor abrasions from sand, swift-moving water, or any light debris you may encounter in the ocean.

Short Sleeve Rash Guards
Short Sleeve Rash Guards

A short sleeve rash guard is a great alternative to a long sleeve rash guard, especially when heat retention or UV protection isn't as important. A short sleeve rash guard allows a greater range of motion, and may be a great deal more comfortable in warm climates.

Elastic on the waist and sleeves not only keeps water out, but it also helps to prevent the kind of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that tend to happen in the water.

Surfing Shorties & Everything Else
Shorties and More

Our Shorties and More category has an abundance of different wetsuit styles and shapes, for any climate or specific need. Whether you're looking for a wetsuit jacket, a Farmer John style wetsuit, a sleeveless shorty, or wetsuit shorts, you'll never be caught without the layering option of your choice. See less  

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