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Spearguns, available in pneumatic and rubber-powered models, are the go-to piece of gear for any spear fisherman. Our Speargun/Hunting Accessory, page provides shafts, extra bands, varying spear tips, buoys, and a dozen more bits of gear vital to a successful spearfishing trip. See more  


Speargun fishing requires a specialized license and knowledge of specific fish and game laws, rules that change from location to location. Make sure to brush up on any local laws to ensure your spearfishing trip doesn't end prematurely. Safety is also a hugely important goal in any type of hunting or fishing. Always remember to consider the location where you are hunting, and whether or not there are sight-seers, scuba divers, or snorkelers nearby.

There's a speargun style for each speargun fisherman, and just as many customizable accessories. Find all the speargun and speargun gear you need to catch the big one, right here.


A spearfishing trip would stop dead in the water without a speargun, and we carry high-quality speargun models from all the best brand names. You'll be able to find Mares, Seac, and JBL spearguns right here.

Rubber-powered spearguns use thick latex tubing to power the spear's flight, and are popular the world over. They fire almost silently, and their strength can be varied easily by using a different number of bands. Also, the strength of a rubber-powered speargun remains the same, regardless of depth. However, they are much larger and less sleek than a pneumatic speargun.

Pneumatic (air powered) spearguns usually have a thicker spear, one that is encased in an internal barrel. A pump increases the internal pressure, which loads the spear and readies it for firing. The benefit of a pneumatic speargun is its relatively compact nature, meaning you never have to worry about a rubber getting caught on coral or rock. Be aware, though, that a pneumatic speargun operates on compressed air, meaning that it will lose its power the deeper you go.

Speargun/Hunting Accessories
Speargun/Hunting Accessories

You'll need more than a speargun alone for a proper spearfishing trip, and you can find all the accessories you'll need right here. Grab different styles of spear tips for different fish, or extra spear shafts to make sure you never run out when you need them most.

A dive buoy or float is vital to a successful spearfishing trip - it serves a wide array of useful functions. It can be used with a dive flag to alert nearby boats and watercraft to your location, protecting you from grievous injury. A buoy can also be rigged to a spear, allowing you to tire out particularly persistent fish. Thirdly, you can attach a buoy to your speargun itself, preventing you from losing your valuable weapon and also allowing you to drop the speargun after firing.

You can also pick up underwater targets here, an invaluable asset to improving both accuracy and safety while wielding a speargun. See less  

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Extremely pleased - i was pleasantly surprised when i recieved this speargun today. a few things for novice speargunners (like myself): - as youve seen this gun is operate...View Full Review

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Armor Innovative JBL Mares Pure Instinct by Mares Scubamax SubGear Trident

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