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Underwater Scooters

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An Underwater Scooter allows you to explore the sea with less fatigue and half the air. Scooter Accessories make the most of your scooter, and make sure your scooter keeps running for years to come. See more  

Underwater Scooters

Swimming is one of the most endurance-tasking activities in the world, so why not make your dive a little easier with an Underwater Scooter?


An underwater scooter is also known as a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (or DPV for short), and offers a brilliant boost to any underwater exploration. Incredibly useful for covering large distances underwater, most underwater scooters can travel two to almost four miles an hour (or 3 to 6 kilometer per hour), depending on body weight and gear resistance. Most fully-geared scuba divers travel at a fraction of that speed, so a scooter can severely increase the amount of ocean you'll see on your next dive.

Because you're also doing a lot less work when traveling by scooter, you'll use up approximately 50% less of your air supply. Be aware, though - because you'll be working less, and cold water will be pouring over your body faster, you're apt to get a lot colder. It's often wise to wear a thicker wetsuit when traveling by scooter.

Underwater scooters can take you anywhere you need to go. Many models can operate at a depths of 100 to 300 feet (30 to 90 meters), with higher-end models able to function as low as 650 feet (or almost 200 meters).

Scooter Accessories
Scooter Accessories

An underwater scooter is a significant investment, and you'll want to keep yours in tip-top shape so it'll provide you with many years and many dives worth of use. The battery on an underwater scooter can take from 4 to 8 hours to charge, depending on the model, the battery, and the mileage of both. Combine that with a 60 to 90 minute runtime, and use-time becomes a genuine concern. For extended use of a scooter, many divers buy an extra battery and keep it charged, so it can be hot-swapped in the field to double the scooter's run time. Batteries also don't last forever - after a certain amount of charges, a scooter's battery will need a replacement.

Many divers find that the speed of a scooter makes it harder to keep track of your depth. To combat this, it's often a smart move to install a depth gauge directly on the scooter itself, so there's always a depth reading right in your face. To make this installation easier, why not pick up a gauge bar, which is specifically designed for mounting all manner of gauges to your scooter?

You'll also find replacement battery chargers here as well, and replacement O-rings. See less  

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