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Safety Gear can protect you from watercraft injuries, getting lost in the ocean, and even shark attack. First Aid Gear is a smart and responsible addition to any scuba diving, surfing, or water -related trip. See more  

Safety and First Aid Gear

Though scuba diving and water sports are amazing and rewarding activities, there are great many dangers inherent any time you go into a lake, river, or ocean. From jelly fish to sharks, from razor sharp coral to rocks, or even boat traffic, it's important to be responsible and take safety preparedness very seriously.

Diving Safety Gear
Safety Gear

There is nothing more important during a dive than staying safe - it forms the very cornerstone of all technology and every innovation in the scuba diving field. Having scuba certification, a reliable air supply, and a quality wetsuit is only the beginning.

Water craft are a bigger danger to divers than sharks are, and our Safety Gear page has a boatload of solutions for the problem. Items like dive floats and safety sausages are ideal - they are often brightly colored, large, and some even have diving flags attached that signal to anyone passing by that someone is diving below. Safety whistles, rattle sticks, and air-powered horns ensure that you can always get someone's attention, be it a fellow diving buddy or a nearby rescue craft. You can even find GPS radios that can transmit to boat radios up to 8 miles away.

Diving First Aid
First Aid Gear

Popular wisdom states that you'd rather have first aid gear and not need it, then need it and not have it. All first aid equipment is a responsible addition to the gear bag of any diver, surfer, snorkeler, kayaker, or swimmer.

Drowning is one of the top dangers in any water sport or activity, and you may way want to consider CPR training and certification. If you already have the know-how, consider picking up a CPR pocket mask. When the unthinkable occurs and CPR is required, a pocket mask creates distance between CPR administrator and patient, and protects rescuer and patient from liquids and secretions.

Have a tube of ointment ready in case of jelly fish, sea lice, or fire coral. Motion sickness medication can be a must for nauseated swimmers, and ear drops can go a long way toward treating water-clogged ears. You can also skip collecting the materials yourself and go straight to grabbing a complete first aid kid, designed to meet Coast Guard requirements. See less  

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