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Wetsuit Hoods

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Dive Hoods keep you warm and comfortable beneath the waves. Swim and Surf Hoods offer maximum flexibility while still keeping out the cold. See more  

Wetsuit Hoods

Staying warm is vitally important when participating in any water sport or activity - water can pull heat out of your body up to 70 times faster than air. This effect is at its worse when the water is passing quickly over your body, as it does while you're swimming. To make matters worse, a great deal of body heat escapes through the head, which isn't covered by most wetsuits or swimwear. A wetsuit hood can offer heat and comfort on a long dive, and it may be the deciding factor between staying on a cold-weather dive or having to pack up early.

Dive Hoods
Dive Hoods
Dive Hoods are designed, not surprisingly, for use in diving. Just like wetsuits, dive hoods come in dozens of shapes, sizes, materials, and thicknesses. If you're looking for protection from the sun, Lycra is a wonderful choice to keep you covered and protected. If cold water is an issue, a thicker hood (5 to 7 millimeters) of a more thermal-friendly material would be a better investment. Many come lined with fleece or proprietary neoprene alternatives, ensuring that you'll always have the right hood for the right situation.

Wetsuit diving hoods cover the head and the neck area, and come complete with a "bib" that is then tucked into the neck of the wetsuit. A drysuit hood covers the head and neck as well, but is designed to cover only the neck seal of the drysuit. Hooded vests are also available, allowing you additional sun or cold protection with one easy-to-wear garment.
Swim and Surf Hoods
Swim and Surf Hoods
If you want to stay warm without sacrificing freedom of motion or flexibility, a Swim or Surf Hood is always a good option. Don't worry about losing warmth - swim and surf hoods are available in the same range of thicknesses as diving hoods (thin Lycra all the way up to 7mm neoprene). Many also come with visors to keep the sun and water spray out of your eyes. If you need less coverage and even more ease of movement, but still want to cover your head, it's also possible to pick up beanies or "squid lids," which are designed to protect you from the sun but only fit over the top of your head. Don't worry about losing them in the water, either - beanies come with adjustable chin straps that fit snugly and safely. See less  

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