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Gift shopping for a scuba diver can be difficult. We’ve broken a list of smart gift ideas into price categories, so you’ll be able to make certain you get the most bang for your buck. Whether it be Under $20, Under $50, Under $100, Under $200, Under $300, Under $500 or if Price is no object, there are gift options for any budget, and much-needed equipment for any diver. See more  

Gift Items

Find tons of gift ideas for any diver, swimmer, or water sports enthusiast on your list. Whether you're looking for apparel, dive gear accessories, or a gift certificate, look no further than our Gift Item pages to find the perfect item.

Gift Items Under $20
Gift Items Under $20

Looking for a great gift at a low price? There are plenty of options in our "Gift Items Under $20" page for any scuba diver, surfer, swimmer, triathlete, or water sports enthusiast on your gift list. From novelty parking signs to customizable scuba license plates to coasters and mugs, the diver or swimmer on your list will be able to proudly display their love of the water wherever they go.
You'll even find themed pool toys, balls, and key chains for any diver of any age.

Gift Items Under $50
Gift Items Under $50

Looking to spend a little more? Gifts in this category still won't break the bank, but are guaranteed to be something your diver or swimmer is going to use. From toasty fleece jackets to totally dry snorkels, mesh backpacks to underwater dive lights, this category hosts a cornucopia of useful gifts for any diver at any level.

Gift Items Under $100
Gift Items Under $100

This category is where the gifts start to get really interesting. Any diver can use an underwater camera, and with name brand models priced less than $100, now’s the time to pick one up. Lycra jumpsuits of all sizes and multiple colors can provide sun protection for warm-water divers, and a titanium knife can ensure a diver never gets entangled, and has the added benefit of never rusting and rarely needing sharpening.

Gift Items Under $200
Gift Items Under $200

For a little extra, this category is bursting with solid and useful Christmas gifts for the diver on your list. The Torid Pulse bubble gun can bring a world of fun into your diver’s life, allowing rings of bubbles to be fired at other divers for games of tag, or fired into the air for signaling purposes. A wrist dive computer watch is a smart pick, feeding your diver on-the-fly information like ascent rate, temperature, altitude, and air supply. You’ll also find waterproof iPhone cases here, allowing the diving shutterbug to take pictures underwater without having to get a separate camera.

Gift Items Under $300
Gift Items Under $300

The items in this category can provide that extra ounce of safety on a dive. Gifts like a can of SpareAir provide a “parachute” for a diver, making sure he or she’s equipped with a secondary air source in case of malfunction. Another smart gift to keep a diver safe is a lifeline GPS radio, one that can transmit radio to nearby boats, even from up to 8 miles away. For long dives, an underwater scooter can lower fatigue, increase area explored, and even make an air supply last longer.

Gift Items Under $500
Gift Items Under $500

Items here are deeply useful to any diver. Hands-free LED lights properly illuminate the darkest passages beneath the waves without taking up a hand. Many dive computers fall into this range – why rely on guesswork or old-fashioned analog gauges when a wrist computer can provide all the information needed and more, from air supply to dive logs to safety stops and even depth. You’ll also find collectibles here, like a replica brass dive helmet in the old-school style – non-functioning, of course.

Gift Items - Price is no object
Price Is No Object

Here you'll find a veritable cornucopia of fun and useful knick knacks that you can pick up without breaking the bank. A lot of these items are extremely useful but can often be overlooked - a D-ring on a buoyancy compensator is a fantastic way to anchor gear to your chest, but you won't be doing it without a carabiner, which you can get right here. Rubber and silicone O-rings are extremely vital to the workings of a lot of scuba equipment, and having one snap from age or overuse can ruin a dive fast if you don't have a replacement. You can grab a replacement kit to ensure that never happens.

Check out a wide assortment of key chains, stickers, flags, mini-floats, license plate frames, and even mouse pads. If you're scratching your head for a last minute gift idea, we have your one stop gift dive shop right here.

Gift Certificates - The Gift that always fits!
Gift Certificates

Diving and watersports can be expensive activities - nobody wants to buy the wrong gear for the right person. Diving equipment and surf gear in particular are high customized, highly personal, and highly technical - if you're not sure exactly what your friend or loved one needs, a gift certificate can be the perfect choice. Show them that you care and give them the gift of choice with a Gift Certificate from

Gift certificates are stress and hassle free, too, and can be picked up with the click of a mouse. Simply follow the link to our Gift Certificate page, enter the information of the person who will receive the gift, enter your own information, and purchase with any of a number of easy payment options. For maximum convenience, you can choose to email the certificate right to your friend or loved one's inbox, complete with a special message. See less  

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Top 5 Gifts Under $20

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie  
Starting at $6.95
Scuba Divers Baseball Cap  
Starting at $6.95
Scuba Carabiner with Ring  
Starting at $2.95

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Top 5 Gifts Under $300

Submersible Systems Spare Air Pack  
Starting at $259.99
Sea-Doo Aqua Ranger Scooter (DPV)  
Starting at $259.95

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Top 5 Gifts Under $50

Princeton Tec Shockwave II Light  
Starting at $59.99

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Top 5 Gifts Under $500

Apollo Underwater Scooter O-Ring  
Starting at $36.00

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Top 5 Gifts Under $100

Scuba Titanium Knife  
Starting at $74.95
TUSA TUL-400 L.E.D. Light
Starting at $87.95

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Top 5 Price is no object

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Top 5 Gifts Under $200

Big Blue CF-250 L.E.D. Light  
Starting at $98.99
H2O Torid Pulse  
Starting at $129.00

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