Dry Suits

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Dry Suits provide the best thermal protection of any diving apparel. Dry Suit Packages contain all-in-one dry suit solutions to help speed along your search for the right gear. Dry Suit Accessories like undergarments, boots, gloves, and dryers all improve your dry suit diving experience, and ensure that your dry suit will live a long, well-maintained life. See more  

Dry Suits

The final word on cold water diving or watersports, dry suits provide unmatched thermal protection in even the most bitterly freezing waters. Dry suits are specifically designed not just to insulate the diver, but also to prevent water from touching as much of the wearer as possible. With tight latex (or neoprene) seals at the neck, wrist, and ankle, dry suits can be combined with dry suit accessories like gloves, boots, a hood, and a full mask to make the suit even closer to impermeable. It's also recommended that a dry suit be worn with an undergarment, both for comfort and for maximum insulation in cold environments.

Dry Suits
Dry Suits

Dry suits, while designed for extremely cold water, can be worn at most temperatures. Because they are warmer than other suits, you'll stay comfortable longer, especially when diving for long durations. Even in warm water, a dry suit can be a fine option.

Dry suits are a complex piece of diving equipment, and require special knowledge and training. A dry suit is not simply "a wetsuit, but better." Gas expansion and contraction means that, because of the water-tight nature of dry suits, the air inside has to be managed. Too much air, and you gain positive buoyancy that may cause an uncontrolled, unsafe ascent with not enough time for proper decompression. Too little air, at too great a depth, and you will experience "dry suit squeeze" as the volume of the air in the suit decreases and the suit vacuum-sucks to your skin. It is possible to add and vent air as needed, but it's a skill that takes practice. The addition of a BC (buoyancy compensator) is absolutely necessary for a safe dry suit dive, as it can compensate not only for additional weight, but also for a dry suit seal-failure that could lead to the buoyancy problems described above.

Dry suits also require maintenance and inspection - the latex seals at the head, hands, and feet only last one or two years before succumbing to dry rot. The seals themselves must be trimmed when the suit is first acquired - a good tip is to trim the seals down until they are about 15 percent smaller than the circumference of the limb they are going around. If your suit has neoprene seals, they ought to be stretched before us. A too-tight seal on the neck, for instance, can put pressure on the carotid artery and cause dangerous circulation problems. A neck seal can be stretched on the back end of a scuba tank overnight, and the arms and legs seals can be pulled over a tin can to get them just right.

Taking a dry suit specialty course is the best way to ensure you know everything there is to know about such a helpful and complicated piece of equipment. There are also books, computer programs, and videos that can teach you proper dry suit use as well.

Dry Suits
Dry Suit Packages

A dry suit package cuts the amount of time you'll be shopping and increases the amount of time you'll be diving. Why put everything together yourself when we can do the work for you? All of the dry suit packages listed on this page include a dry suit duffel and waterproof zipper wax. Many of the packages contain suspenders, repair kits, dry suit manuals, and talc powder to more easily slip hands and feet into latex seals. Others contain a full matched set of dry suit apparel, including hood, gloves, boots, and an undergarment, sized to just what you need.

Dry Suit Accessories
Dry Suit Accessories

A dry suit is a fantastic investment for divers of all stripes, but it is a significant investment - make sure your dry suit lasts as long as it can, and works as well as it can, with our Dry Suit Accessories. Undergarments in an assortment of styles and thicknesses are a smart investment to increase your comfort and decrease your chill. You'll need a thick dry suit hood (5 to 7 millimeters thick) to protect your neck and head from ice cold water, and a pair of gloves and boots to keep you fully dry. A reinforced or electric dry suit hanger can get a soaked suit dry again, preventing long-term water damage to a notoriously hard-to-dry garment. You can even find latex seal cement for repairing old or damaged dry suits.

Never be caught without the right replacement part or tool: check out our dry suit accessories to find everything your dry suit needs. See less  

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