Dry Boxes

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Large Dry Boxes come in a huge selection fo shapes and sizes. Small Dry Boxes allow for you to keep your small belongings in a safe place without having to worry. See more  

Dry Boxes

Dry boxes are one of the most secure ways to protect sensitive or expensive equipment not only from damage due to water exposure but from impact as well. They are typically made from thick, durable, high-impact plastic. Many are made with retractable handles and wheels similar to a roller gear bag for easy transport when travelling. They are typically available as an open container or with some sort of pick-and-pluck foam that can be customized to fit the article that is to be protected.

These boxes come in sizes small enough to protect a cell phone, passport or wallet, to airline carry on size through custom sizes meant to protect anything from spearguns and fishing poles to underwater video and camera systems. Among the features they boast is secure locking clasps, o-ring seals, vacuum and vapor locks and the ability to lock them with a padlock.

Large: Non Airline Carry-on Scuba Dry Boxes
Large: Non Airline Carry-on Scuba Dry Boxes
With a huge selection of shapes and sizes of dry boxes you will be able to find one that will fit your needs. If you are looking to store camera gear, separate wet items from dry items, or just keep your belongings in a safe spot on the dive boat you'll be able to find it here. These scuba dry boxes are watertight, airtight, crush proof and have handles that make them very portable for not only divers but for anyone looking for a safe dry place for their supplies.
Small: Airline Carry-on and Smaller Scuba Dry Boxes
Small: Airline Carry-on and Smaller Scuba Dry Boxes
These small scuba dry boxes will allow for you to keep your small belongings in a safe dry spot without having to worry about them getting crushed or damaged. They are great for storing cameras, memory cards, iPod's, keys, wallets, and many other personal items. See less  

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Top 5 Large: Non Airline Carry-on

Storm 2950 Roller Dry Box
Starting at $317.95

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Top 5 Small: Airline Carry-on & Smaller

Trident Dry Box 3500  
Starting at $29.95
Storm 2075 Dry Box
Starting at $64.95
Trident Dry Box 2000  
Starting at $17.95

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Innovative Waterproof Dry Box 1000 Review Innovative Waterproof Dry Box 1000 Review   Waterproof
Waterproof box wont stand up to pressure - This box is ideal for holding your ID, a credit card and a room key and it will keep everything dry at the beach or in the rain, but dont expect your stuff t...View Full Review

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Innovative Pelican Scubamax Storm Trident Underwater Kinetics

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Large: Non Airline Carry-on

Small: Airline Carry-on & Smaller