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Dive Computers

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Computer Consoles combine a dive computer, a pressure gauge, and often a compass in one convenient location. Wrist and Hose Mount Computers make sure you have the information you need always within reach. Metric Computers are an absolute necessity for divers more familiar with the metric system of measurement. Computer Accessories like batteries, wrist boots, and download kits will ensure you make the most out of your computer." See more  

Dive Computers

Scuba divers equipment is designed with safety first and convenience a very close second. These 2 principals go hand in hand with divers. The Dive Computer is no exception to this. Its very existence is based on a divers desire to enjoy dives longer and more frequently with less hassle and more convenience. Simply being a more accurate method of determining remaining bottom time may be the primary function of any dive computer but typically they offer the diver far more. Between dives they will recalculate your residual nitrogen remaining in your system in order to keep you informed about how deep and how long you can safely make your next dive. They are also programmed to automatically calibrate themselves to your current altitude if not at sea level in order to remain 100% accurate with no additional calculations. Time to fly countdown timers, log book functions, and ascent rates are also common features in the dive computer that divers used to have to track manually. Many dive computers will track your remaining tank pressure not only adding that to the calculation of your remaining bottom time but also how your current breathing rate will affect it.

Over time, for the average scuba diver, even the most basic and inexpensive of dive computers will more than pay for itself in time actually getting to enjoy being underwater if not diver safety alone.

Computer Consoles
Computer Consoles
These computers are combined into a console with some sort of method that allows the diver to monitor their remaining air at the same time as monitoring their computer. Whether using an analog pressure gauge or as an Air Integrated unit, computer consoles are the most common method scuba divers use computers.
Wrist, Hose Mount & Module Computers
Wrist, Hose Mount & Module Computers
Travelling divers or newer divers who have yet to purchase a complete Diving System find wrist and hose mount computers extremely popular. Inexpensive wrist or hose mount computers still give all the basic functions and conveniences as well as the increased safety while the diver uses rental gear or gear supplied by a resort or destination.

Wireless, Air Integrated dive computers packed with all the features of the console versions are gaining in popularity every day. The streamlining of the Diving System is one of the most popular benefits of this type of computer as well as the versatility it allows. These computers can still be used on their own without the transmitter in the event the diver travels without their gear with the opportunity to make a dive.

Another newer design is a full feature dive computer that doubles as a fully functioning wrist watch. These smaller computers do not lack in features or benefits when compared to their larger screened versions with the possible exception of a slightly smaller display. This style of computer is very popular with the spur-of-the-moment diver.
Metric Computers
Metric Computers
Just about every dive computer is capable of being used with Imperial or Metric settings with the push of a button or two. Stand alone dive computers (ones that are not air integrated) in this category are coupled up with metric analog gauges for divers outside the US and Canada.
Computer Accessories
Computer Accessories
If you need a new battery, wrist boot, or download kit, this is the place to find it. Here you'll find screen protectors, protective bags, High Pressure Quick Disconnects and more. If it goes to your dive computer it's in Computer Accessories. See less  

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We are proud to offer dive computers from the following manufacturers:
Aeris, Atomic, Genesis, Highland, Hollis, Innovative, Mares, Oceanic, Oceanic/Aeris, ScubaPro, Sherwood, SubGear, Suunto, Suunto.., Trident, TUSA, XS Scuba and more...

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