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The beauty of the underwater world offers designers some extremely unique possibilities for Dive Shirt and Diving Hat/Cap designs that cannot be found in other sports. Diving pants and jackets are designed for a specific purpose with the divers comfort in mind. Polarized sun glasses, towels, flip flops and sandals and everything else a diver may want to wear can be found here. See more  

Dive Clothing

Scuba Backpacks
Dive Shirts
Long sleeve or short sleeve shirts displaying your favorite scuba themed design or the logo of our favorite scuba retailer. Scuba offers unique opportunity for shirt designers to create some of the most colorful and unusual shirt designs found.
Scuba Roller Bags
Pants and Jackets
Comfort and warmth are key elements in the design of just about every piece of scuba apparel. Wetsuits, Dry Suits, boots gloves and hoods are all geared toward a scuba divers comfort during a dive. Pants and Jackets are design with this same principal in mind for before, between and after scuba dives. Beach, boat or poolside, scuba pants and jackets are designed to keep the wearer warm and comfortable.
Scuba Duffels
Diving Hats/Caps
Cool water, cool air or just cool look diving hats and caps cover it all. Neoprene beanies are perfect for tropical waters or pool session for that added bit of insulation while fleece or knit beanies are the ticket before, between or after dives when a bit of wind or cool air is making it difficult to keep warm. Caps and hats can't be beat when it comes to keeping the sun off the divers head or hiding that post dive hair.
Regulator and Specialty Bags
Everything Else
Before, between or after your dives if you need warm feet, a cool look, dry skin or shaded eyes it's here. Sunglasses, Towels, Sandals or Ugg's, the diver can fill out any kit here. See less  

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Top 5 Dive Shirts

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Top 5 Dive Hats/Caps

Scuba Polar Fleece Beanie  
Starting at $6.95
Scuba Divers Baseball Cap  
Starting at $6.95
Trident Dive Flag Hat  
Starting at $12.95

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Top 5 Pants and Jackets

Divegear Men´s Polyolefin Short  
Starting at $72.95

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Top 5 Everything Else

Scuba Beach Towel  
Starting at $9.95
Teva Katavi Mens Sandals
Starting at $59.95

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Dive Clothing Instructional Videos

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Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Video Review Scuba Divers Baseball Cap Video Review
This demonstration video discusses and shows the features of the Scuba Divers Baseball Cap. The Divers Baseball Cap is the coolest hat on the beach. It has a...

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Amphibious Outfitters Apeks Aqua Lung Body Glove Divegear Dunleavy Finis Henderson Innovative ONeill Apparel Scubamax ScubaPro Trident UGG

We are proud to offer dive clothing from the following manufacturers:
Amphibious Outfitters, Apeks, Aqua Lung, Body Glove, Body Glove Eyewear, Divegear, Dunleavy, Finis, Henderson, Innovative, ONeill Apparel, Scubamax, ScubaPro, Trident, UGG and more...

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