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Diving Clips will keep your equipment safe and out of your way. Diving Retractors are great for keeping your gauges close, easily accessible, and streamlined. Diving Reels provide divers the ability to keep their sense of direction while diving. See more  

diving clips
Clips are an important part of every scuba divers diving system. They help keep important equipment streamlined and secure while at the same time keeping it in convenient to reach spots. Clips are important for protecting expensive gear such as cameras, computers, and alternate air sources as well as our underwater environment by assuring the scuba divers equipment is not dangling loose and dragging over the reef.
dive retractors
Retractors are similar to clips and are perfect for keeping your gauges close, easily accessible, and streamlined. More importantly they allow the diver to extend your equipment up to a certain length and have it auto-recoil when you're not using it. Retractors are a great solution for keeping lights, compasses, and other accessories easily available to you without having them getting in your way. Retractors are available in a variety of sizes and strengths for use with a wide range of gear.
dive reels
Dive reels provide divers the ability to keep their sense of direction while diving. As a primary required piece of equipment in wreck and cave diving specialties, a dive reel helps the diver return to their starting point in low visibility conditions. Dive reels can also be used for search and recovery, underwater mapping, decompression stops, lift bags along with many other things. Dive reels come in many different sizes, shapes, and features depending on what needs to be accomplished. See less  

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Scuba Carabiner with Ring  
Starting at $2.95
OceanPro Magnetic Hose Keeper
Starting at $24.95

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Highland Reel  
Starting at $62.95
XS Scuba Finger Spool  
Starting at $23.95
Trident Reel.  
Starting at $59.95
Scubamax Finger Spool  
Starting at $15.95
ScubaPro X-Tek Mini Finger Reel  
Starting at $32.00

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Top 5 Retractors

Innovative Retractable Compass  
Starting at $54.95

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