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Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews

Scuba Carabiner with Ring Reviews Carabiner with Ring

Reviewer: Paul Selden

Carabiner With Ring - Hey, you can never have too many carabiners! Ive attached mine to just about everything that I would otherwise have to carry by hand so that I can easily clip them off when I need to. Dive lights, my folding knife, the end of my underwater measuring tape, slate you name it, they all get a carabiner. With the thicker gloves that I have to wear most of the year in Michigan, opening and closing a carabiner is much easier than having to manipulate a little clip!

OceanPro Magnetic Hose Keeper Reviews

OceanPro Magnetic Hose Keeper Reviews Magnetic Hose Keeper

Reviewer: Darren L.

OceanPro Magnetic Hose Keeper Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - My son and I used it to keep the octo on our BC, we both noticed that the keepers separated when we jumped into water from boat, its easy to put them back together without even looking, and they never came off throughout the dive . Strong magnet yet it separates when I give it a tug !

Scubamax Adjustable Lanyard Reviews

Scubamax Adjustable Lanyard Reviews Adjustable Lanyard

Reviewer: Charles Brodsky

Adjutable Divers Lanyard: - With the Investment in a good Quality Divers Knife, you need to be able not to Loose it when you pull it out of its sheath. For eg. if you happen to pull out your knife for what ever the reason like a predator that is too close for your comfort ( invading your personal space) & you need to scare Him/Her off you can always punch it in the snout, where all their most sensitive nerves are or jab it w/ you Knife to scare them OFF & let them know that you are not an easy Meal! The Adjustable Divers Lanyard is a Great investment, it is @ a Great price $ that easily fits around your wrist, that you can adjust for a tight Fit so when you pull out your Divers Knife and you most certainly dont want...View Full Review

IST Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews

IST Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews Double Hose Retainer Clip

Reviewer: Billy M.

These clips are great. - when we boat dive, its far easier to clip our bcs off to a floating line in the water, put on our drysuits, mask, and fins on deck, and then finish suiting up in the water. one problem that arises sometimes is that regulator hoses, computer hoses, or drysuit inflator hoses can end up tucked in behind your back or under your cumberbund. i put one clip on a d-ring on the lower part of each of my bc straps (two clips total), and clip all of the hoses to the d-rings before i begin donning the bc. inflator hose and computer hose on left, main regulator and safe-second regulator hoses on the right. now all of the hoses are kept in line with the bc straps while i fasten the cumberbund and the...View Full Review

Hollis Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip Reviews

Hollis Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip Reviews Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Clip

Reviewer: eric n.

Thanks for nothing scuba.com - These were listed on the website as being in stock. Then got an email 4 days after order was placed saying they were backordered. So then they finally shipped order. They could have given me a suitable substitute or asked if i wanted a suitable substitute but instead shipped order. On top of that they charge an additional fee of $10 gor shipping to and FPO address when it truly is not an extra cost to ship as per USPS they charge that cause an employee has to take an extra 3 min to fill out a customs form. Ao not only did i not get my needed item i would have had to pay the $10 FPO surcharge again in order to get a substitute.

Innovative Stainless Steel Carabiner Coil Lanyard Reviews

Innovative Stainless Steel Carabiner Coil Lanyard Reviews Stainless Steel Carabiner Coil Lanyard

Reviewer: Kristian B.

Everthing I Expected - I needed a good attachment for my underwater camera gear and this lanyard coild worked great. Quality material and hardware. It was easy to snap and unsnap - never felt like I was going to loose my $1,000 camera outfit.

Innovative Original Snappy Coil Lanyard Reviews

Innovative Original Snappy Coil Lanyard Reviews Original Snappy Coil Lanyard

Reviewer: Justin Schumacher

Innovative Original Snappy Coil Lanyard Review - $15.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Innovative Scuba produces some great products and this is no different. The best part is, it is made in the USA by a USA borne company in Colorado. Quality is great, size is perfect, and my only compliant is that Scuba.com doesnt carry more of their products.

Zeagle Stainless Steel Quick Link with Strap Reviews

Zeagle Stainless Steel Quick Link with Strap Reviews Stainless Steel Quick Link with Strap

Reviewer: GB S.

Great product - This is a great product for attachments on my travel BCD.

Innovative Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews

Innovative Double Hose Retainer Clip Reviews Double Hose Retainer Clip

Reviewer: Brian G.

Good idea, but didnt need it... - I made the mistake of purchasing this before buying my new bc. My Cressi Aqualight came with two. I now have an extra for my save-a-dive kit. They work great, keeping my octo and console where I can find them and from being dragged on the reef or sand. I do find that my console has a tendency to fall out of its retainer fairly easy when I look at it but not often enough to be frustrating. Ill probably stick to these since they seem to keep things closer to my body than other systems.

Akona Deluxe Clip with Male Quick Release Reviews

Akona Deluxe Clip with Male Quick Release Reviews Deluxe Clip with Male Quick Release

Reviewer: juan d.

Akona Deluxe Clip with Male Quick Release Review - $8.50 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - everything as described. good quality. and prompt deliver!!!!

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