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Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera

Reviewer: Steven LeCheminant on 1/27/2014

Sealife Mini 2 Dive Camera - bought this camera, on sale, for an upcoming snorkel adventure in hawaii. i also bought the wide angle lenses. the program is very easy to use and is specific for land, snorkel, and dive modes. at first, i used two aaa duracell batteries and found the camera will eat them up in no time. tried rechargeable batteries and got more life out of them. for the snorkeling, i will use the lithium type which will give the time i need for the dive. the 3x zoom is quirky and goes in steps by pressing the zoom button. it is important to the proper battery setting on the menu for the camera to sense battery use. fully read the instructions and play with the camera before using. the camera is...View Full Review

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining.

Reviewer: Chris Nininger on 10/27/2014

its like a larger raincoat - there is a thicker/softer (probably much warmer) 1 that i like better at my local dive shop but also costs twice as much. this 1 instead is more like a raincoat (noisy but waterproof) which hey u may like better n deff easier to clean. havent gotten 2actually use it yet but for the price i think ill be happy enough with it! :-) the zipper is awesome, outside pockets are good size n the inside pocket is a just okay. the hood is perfectly sized! size chart seemed accurate enough but the bottom gets a bit wide(youll need a lot of junk in ur trunk to fill this one lol). overall im pleased and would recommend 2 a friend. i will this after my next use on the boat out in cold water.

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit Reviews

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit Reviews Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit

Reviewer: James G. on 7/1/2014

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit - I like this jumpsuit a lot. However, the tallest size is advertised to fit up to 62". I am 64" and weigh 170 pounds (tall and skinny). A sales rep in the store told me over the phone to buy the size Large. I tried both the Large and the X-Large, and they were both too short. The 2X-Large turned out to be pretty darned good. I think a taller version might have been a little better, but I was very happy with the 2XL as it stretched to fit my height. I used it every day for a week of snorkeling and swimming and was very happy to have it.

XS Foto GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews

XS Foto GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras

Reviewer: John B. on 6/10/2014

XS Scuba GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Review - $79.95 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - Being a veteran diver of over 15 years, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised with this mask. I ,over the years, have invested hundreds of dollars on masks on numerous masks that have not been adequate and have fallen short for one reason of another. When I purchased this mask I was VERY skeptical, but wanted the ease and convenience in the use of my GoPro. This mask has been unbelievable in both comfort and function. So much so, that I have told fellow divers that I will use this mask even if I do not mount my GoPro to it. Thanks

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