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Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Gift Items, Gifts Under $100. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for gift items below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Henderson, Innovative, Sealife, XS Scuba and more...

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews

Sealife Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera Reviews   Mini 2 Underwater Dive Camera

Reviewer: Steven LeCheminant on 1/27/2014

Sealife Mini 2 Dive Camera - bought this camera, on sale, for an upcoming snorkel adventure in hawaii. i also bought the wide angle lenses. the program is very easy to use and is specific for land, snorkel, and dive modes. at first, i used two aaa duracell batteries and found the camera will eat them up in no time. tried rechargeable batteries and got more life out of them. for the snorkeling, i will use the lithium type which will give the time i need for the dive. the 3x zoom is quirky and goes in steps by pressing the zoom button. it is important to the proper battery setting on the menu for the camera to sense battery use. fully read the instructions and play with the camera before using. the camera is... View Full Review

XS Scuba GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews

XS Scuba GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras Reviews   GoMask for GoPro HERO Cameras

Reviewer: Gary H. on 2/16/2014

Hands free diving videos - This is the ideal answer for being able to do underwater video when you want to have your hands free. The Hero series of cameras have a very wide angle lens so it is easy to aim the camera before your dive by simply mounting it on the mask, putting the mask on, taking a short video, checking where the camera was aimed relative to where you were looking, then adjusting accordingly. This is my first mask mounted video when my wife and I snorkeled with manatees. Since we were snorkeling the camera was right at the surface and would break the surface at time.

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit Reviews

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit Reviews   Lycra Dive Skin Jumpsuit

Reviewer: Henry L. on 9/2/2013

Henderson Lycra Dive Skin - This is my second skin. I recently lost 70 pounds and had to down size. I can not recommend strongly enough the quality and superior fit of these dive suits. I do all my diving in tropical water and I need protection from the sun and sometimes small Jelly-fish. This dive suit is long lasting durable suit made with quality materials. I spear fish and it is light weight and streamlines me to move quickly through the water. If you are going snorkeling or spearfishing in warm water look no further. I would recommend to a friend, family, member, or complete stranger with confidence.

Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews

Scuba Titanium Knife Reviews   Titanium Knife

Reviewer: Monica Burton on 1/3/2014

Best Ever!!! - Wow - We have both had other regular AND titanium makes, models, sizes, etc, but this one has got to be the best weve ever had... nice and secure with their straps, and the handle feels comfortable with and without gloves. Quality of the blade is superb, and the design is perfect for diving purposes. AND the PRICE was OUTRAGEOUSLY LOWWWWW! Prices are always good for anything at, but I must say we both feel like we almost STOLE these!!! Thank you,!

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews

Scuba Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining. Reviews   Boat Coat / Dive Parka with Hood and Polar Fleece Lining.

Reviewer: Thomas Petricca on 11/20/2013

No idea - Purchased the dive jacket for my wife. Had it delivered to my office. Might have been nice but it was stolen from the back seat of my car before getting the jacket home? Looks like another New York State Thief gets to enjoy my wifes gift now! Maybe someone could check with the criminal to see how nice the jacket might be - I couldnt tell you personally.

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