Dry Box Reviews - Large: Non Airline Carry on

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Pelican Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes Reviews

Pelican Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes Reviews   Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes

Reviewer: Rosemary Segerdahl on 2/1/2009

Pelican O-Rings - If you are ever in any area where their may be some moisture it is a good idea to have a spare oring around for your case

Pelican 1520 Protective Case With Padded Dividers Reviews

Pelican 1520 Protective Case With Padded Dividers Reviews   1520 Protective Case With Padded Dividers

Reviewer: Renee Gallo on 9/19/2006

great for the small stuff - My husband and I both have two of these in our larger pelican cases for smaller stuff like batteries and cleaning supplies. Our camera boxes are way more organized and I dont have to worry about small stuff getting lost or broken. Theyre also great to carry the small stuff you might need on a smaller boat when the big pelican case would take up too much room.

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