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Innovative Dry Box Standard Reviews

Innovative Dry Box Standard Reviews   Dry Box Standard

Reviewer: Michael H. on 11/1/2013

Security and Safety for Valuables - Scuba divers have stuff. Some stuff like eye glasses, cell phone and car keys are valuable and need protection from loss and damage. I would throw these into my gear box and might rummage for other scuba items needed for a dive. I wanted to have a secure box so that I could protect my valuables. The dry box is just the right size and has two secure latches to keep everything inside safe. Just what I needed.

Innovative Waterproof Dry Box 1000 Reviews

Innovative Waterproof Dry Box 1000 Reviews   Waterproof Dry Box 1000

Reviewer: Steve B. on 2/22/2014

Waterproof box wont stand up to pressure - This box is ideal for holding your ID, a credit card and a room key and it will keep everything dry at the beach or in the rain, but dont expect your stuff to stay dry if you take it on a dive. It just isnt made to withstand the pressure of a 60-foot dive.

Trident Dry Box 3500 Reviews

Trident Dry Box 3500 Reviews   Dry Box 3500

Reviewer: Jeff H. on 8/27/2009

groovy box - I like this product. Its large enough to hold my wallet, sunglasses, keys, and then some. Its not too large though, and doesnt take up too much space in my bag.

Underwater Kinetics 207 Ultra Dry Box Reviews

Underwater Kinetics 207 Ultra Dry Box Reviews   207 Ultra Dry Box

Reviewer: Marco L. on 1/20/2013

Good in size to keep important items! - Good to keep all important belonging items (keys, iphone, cash)in dry and safe. I am planning to buy a bigger size - UK 406 Ultra Dry Box for my next dive trip.

Underwater Kinetics 309 Dry Box Reviews

Underwater Kinetics 309 Dry Box Reviews   309 Dry Box

Reviewer: Daniel Leone on 12/19/2008

309 Dry Box Blue No Foam - Nice box, does the job.

Underwater Kinetics 408 Ultra Dry Box with Padded Liner Reviews

Underwater Kinetics 408 Ultra Dry Box with Padded Liner Reviews   408 Ultra Dry Box with Padded Liner

Reviewer: Jonathon R. on 1/13/2012

Dry Box - Nice box. The only handle is a lanyard.

Trident Dry Box 2000 Reviews

Trident Dry Box 2000 Reviews   Dry Box 2000

Reviewer: Eliot H. on 9/12/2011

Great dry box - Worked perfectly. Easy to open and close. I had a small cell phone, credit cards and cash in it.

Pelican Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes Reviews

Pelican Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes Reviews   Replacement/Spare O-Rings for Dry Boxes

Reviewer: Rosemary Segerdahl on 2/1/2009

Pelican O-Rings - If you are ever in any area where their may be some moisture it is a good idea to have a spare oring around for your case

Storm 2500 Roller Storm Dry Box Reviews

Storm 2500 Roller Storm Dry Box Reviews   2500 Roller Storm Dry Box

Reviewer: dimitry likterev on 9/24/2007

great case. - Had no problems with it on my last trip. worked well in the airports and on the beach. Neither sand nor water ever penetrated it. Nice and strong, better then Pellican by far.

Pelican 1150 Protective Dry Box Reviews

Pelican 1150 Protective Dry Box Reviews   1150 Protective Dry Box

Reviewer: Cristina H. on 4/28/2008

Pelican1150 Protective Case With Foam - i love it. my things fit perfectly, they dont move around because of the foam, which is good, so they dont get scratched up! i dont have much stuff though, since my husband is my dive buddy, he carries most of the stuff in his bigger case like the underwater cameras. youre safe with a pelican.

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