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XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold Reviews

XS Scuba 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold Reviews 300 Bar DIN Tank Manifold

Reviewer: Zdenek Nagl

A well built piece of hardware - The manifold allows adjustment between 209 and 215 mm to exactly match bands. Even though the threads allow a wider span, the second set of o-rings would not seal any more if any wider span was chosen! Knobs are of a nice density, don’t slip, would not crack in case of a slight impact, spin about 1 ¾ turns between the on and off positions, and are very smooth to operate. The overall finish is very nice. Even though, this is only my second manifold I have ever purchased, I could not find a single reason for cutting down on the number of stars. Zdenek Nagl, Canada

Highland Cylinder / Tank Bands (Pair) Reviews

Highland Cylinder / Tank Bands (Pair) Reviews Cylinder / Tank Bands (Pair)

Reviewer: Timothy K.

Great quality bands - Ive seen other bands have some warpand rippling from the manufacturing process. These are clean and true right outof the box. Very stout construction. Will last as long as the steel tanks theyre bolted to.

XS Scuba Low Pressure Twin Cylinder Package - International Valves Reviews

XS Scuba Low Pressure Twin Cylinder Package - International Valves Reviews Low Pressure Twin Cylinder Package - International Valves

Reviewer: Matthew G.

Great Set of Doubles - I ordered the 85cu 300 bar din tanks. They were shipped in 3 boxes and arrived quickly. The valves are very smooth to operate. I removed the tank boots, and the tank heights match up nicely. They are a great set of doubles that trim out very well.

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