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Highland Regulator Necklace Reviews

Highland Regulator Necklace Reviews   Regulator Necklace

Reviewer: Steven P. on 2/26/2014

Something so simple, yet so great - Just returned from a diving trip to the BVI so finally got a chance to try this regulator necklace for the first time (had never used one before). Now when I am getting ready, my regulator is not loose and flopping around. Also, when in the water, it is not unusual for my buddy and I to snorkel to to our dive spot at the beginning of the dive and back to the boat at the end of the dive. When we did this, I knew exactly where my regulator was. Very comfortable to wear. So simple and a great way to keep your regulator location under control.

Apeks Sidemount Regulator Kit Reviews

Apeks Sidemount Regulator Kit Reviews   Sidemount Regulator Kit

Reviewer: C J Kessler Jr on 4/19/2014

Great set-up - I did my tech sidemount course using these regs. It set the bar for me. I trained with the best I had to own the best for my personal set. Simply swap the SPG and BCD hoses and youre ready to dive on a twin set. Definitely worth the purchase when it comes to high end regulators

Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Reviews

Highland 10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) Reviews   10 foot Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

Reviewer: Zaven Saradzhev on 6/3/2013

Highland SMB - The buoy is really big! Last week I tried it into a swimming pool, works well! This week will try at sea. But, I wonder why a relieve valve is located on the top of it? In the photo on the buoy has a valve at the lower part.

ScubaPro 1mm Hybrid Shorts Reviews

ScubaPro 1mm Hybrid Shorts Reviews   1mm Hybrid Shorts

Reviewer: Andrew Lockman on 9/29/2012

Great - I purchased these to wear under my wetsuit and they work great. Sizing was accurate, price was reasonable and shipping was fast. Buy with confidence.

Highland 2mm Super Stretch Neoprene Pocket Shorts Reviews

Highland 2mm Super Stretch Neoprene Pocket Shorts Reviews   2mm Super Stretch Neoprene Pocket Shorts

Reviewer: seizoh n. on 4/28/2012

good parts! - It is not pretty and its Japan, this quality at this price.

Highland In-line Shut Off Valve Reviews

Highland In-line Shut Off Valve Reviews   In-line Shut Off Valve

Reviewer: Wesley L B. on 4/12/2010

Shut off - Works great

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