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XS Scuba Roller Duffel Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Roller Duffel Bag Reviews   Roller Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Scott Michael on 11/3/2008

Its OK but... - I bought this bag based on the glowing recommendations on this web site and my previous experience with XS Scuba products. While there really isnt anything wrong with the bag, there are a number of things that would have lead me to purchase another bag instead of this one. 1. The zippers are not very flexible and take a lot of effort to manipulate even after using zipper lubricant. 2. The back plate and the extension handle rails are visible thru the open duffel. The back plate is a little flimsy and its exposed to water from damp gear. 3. I had a hard time fitting in a 5mm wetsuit, BCD, mask, fins, etc for a temperate water dive. Outside fin pockets would have been nice. 4.... View Full Review

Akona Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag Reviews

Akona Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag Reviews   Collapsing Duffel Bag with Protective Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Albert T. on 1/20/2014

Great Concept, Shoddy Workmanship - Received this bag as a gift and was really excited to use it. On the 5th day of using it several of the zipper teeth fell out and the stitching came undone. For what could be a 5-star product, I am giving it 2 stars. One star for the design and one star for and Akona being willing to repair/replace at no cost. My location does not lend itself to a quick, inexpensive exchange so I am going to repair the bag myself and chalk it up to experience.

Armor Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag Reviews

Armor Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag Reviews   Light 6.2 lb Roller Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Rick Cobb on 5/10/2013

A nice travel bag - I bought this bag for a dive trip to the Keys. My full size SCUBAPRO gear bag is just not suited for checked luggage, where this bag is better equipped with the rollers and more suitable size. It is of very high quality construction and the only reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 stars, is the handle you use to roll the bag is just not long enough for my 63" body. I have to stoop down to effectively utilize the rollers. Other than that issue it seems to be the perfect SCUBA travel bag.

Scuba 2.4lbs Divers Duffel Bag Reviews

Scuba 2.4lbs Divers Duffel Bag Reviews   2.4lbs Divers Duffel Bag

Reviewer: John Schneider on 3/11/2014

Flexible Box - This is a great bag. Heavy construction and a useful shape. It (when filled) makes a rectangular box shape. When empty- folds down to almost nothing. We will use these for road trips for everything from gear to clothing. Outstanding value for the price.

Akona Mesh Snorkel Duffel Bag Reviews

Akona Mesh Snorkel Duffel Bag Reviews   Mesh Snorkel Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Stephen M. on 1/4/2014

Akona Scuba Duffel Bag - This is an excellent bag for gear! It easily fits all of my scuba equipment. The only reason I did not give it the full 5 stars is because the zipper is low quality. It has not broken on my yet, then again Ive had the bag for about a month. Other than the zipper, this bag is awesome.

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews   Wheeled Mesh Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Barry S. on 6/12/2013

Awesome mesh bag - My Buddy recommended that I get a mesh bag to use for transport but more importantly to use after the dive when I submerge everything in a large bucket of fresh water to soak out the salt overnight. So I submerge the entire bag which allows me to keep everything organized plus it keeps my wet suit submerged too. Well built with strong zippers - I think this bag will last a very long time... View Full Review

TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews

TUSA Roller Mesh Bag Reviews   Roller Mesh Bag

Reviewer: David W. on 3/4/2013

Thats how I roll..... - I really like the mesh for drip/air dry of the gear. Of course I rinse with fresh water when I get the gear home but in the meantime, plenty of ventilation. The best part is the roller feature. The first time I used it and was comfortably rolling all my gear (minus tanks and drysuit)down the dock to the boat, I was giddy. Anybody who has had to carry a heavy bag of dive gear will appreciate this bag. Best and be safe... DW

Stahlsac Mesh Duffel Bag - Large Reviews

Stahlsac Mesh Duffel Bag - Large Reviews   Mesh Duffel Bag - Large

Reviewer: Allison C. on 11/10/2013

Nice - I like this bag a lot- its much bigger than I imagined in my head and I probably only need the medium, but it holds all my gear including reg bag. Well-constructed and attractive.

Pinnacle Pacific Duffle & Regulator Bag Reviews

Pinnacle Pacific Duffle & Regulator Bag Reviews   Pacific Duffle & Regulator Bag

Reviewer: Eric H. on 9/3/2012

Finally a dive bag designed by a SCUBA diver - Many bags claim to be large enough for all your cold water diving equipment - this one delivers. I dive New England with a 7mm suit and full size BC. This holds all my gear, tucks my fins in a side pocket to keep them from being crushed, and stores the reg in a separate, detachable compartment. It comes with the shoulder strap where others charge extra. This bag is not light, but it is sturdy. This is my first season with this bag and if it continues to impress, I will continue to recommend it.

Bare Standard Duffel Bag Reviews

Bare Standard Duffel Bag Reviews   Standard Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Todd Dow on 10/16/2013

Bare Standard Duffel Bag - This duffel bag is light, sfurdy, and hold all my gear (bcd, fins, dive suit, reg system, etc). Front pocket and side pocket for storage is great. A definate value. Dont misout, get this bag. Its worth it.

XS Scuba Deluxe Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews

XS Scuba Deluxe Mesh Duffel Bag Reviews   Deluxe Mesh Duffel Bag

Reviewer: Joseph P. on 9/10/2008

Could have been the perfect bag - This is a very large bag and can hold everything you could ever think of. I have used this for a few weeks now.Strong material, seems like it will last a very long time. The down side is that it lacks handles at the correct spots. The regulator compartment is large enough to place the optional reglator bag with room to spare, However once the regulator is paked in it the bag is very difficult to carry. Using the shoulder strap, you still need grab the end of the bag with your hands. A handle there would make it much easier to handle. One at each end would make it a breeze for two people to carry it. I did not want a roller bag, just wanted a large mesh bag. But because it is so clummsy to... View Full Review

ScubaPro Dry 120 Bag Reviews

ScubaPro Dry 120 Bag Reviews   Dry 120 Bag

Reviewer: Walter L. on 6/13/2013

Large Dry Bag - i like to use the dry bag for my local diving. the backpack feature is not very helpful. the straps are flimsy and there is no real back support youre better off just carrying the bag by hand

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