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Oceanic Round Gauge Guard Reviews

Oceanic Round Gauge Guard Reviews Round Gauge Guard

Reviewer: Norman Hutchison

AERIS ATMOS ROUND GAUGE GUARD: - Good protection for guage face which seems to get scratched up no matter how careful I am. Easier to replace than the computer. What else can you say?

Oceanic Downloader - USB Version 1 Reviews

Oceanic Downloader - USB Version 1 Reviews Downloader - USB Version 1

Reviewer: Eric Evans

Does the job, but... - i like my vt pro computer, but i think its a shame that the usb cordnecessary for uploading dive data to any computerdoesnt come standard. paying $400-500 for a computer is one thing, but an additional $79 for a simple usb cord stings. i cant imagine the meager additional profit is worth the customer aggravation such add-on costs cause. the product itself works just fine, though the addition of a software cd would have been welcome. the program is a free download from the company website, but its just another example of oceanic asking the customer to jump through hoops for basic functionality. the product works, and is absolutely necessary to keep a full, feature-rich catalog of...View Full Review

ScubaPro Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit Reviews

ScubaPro Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit Reviews Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit

Reviewer: Courtney T.

ScubaPro Aladin Squared Shark USB Download Kit Review - $78.00 - Scuba Gear Customer Reviews - I am satisfied with this product. The program is pretty neat because I can visualize my dive profile after I get out of the water. The program: 1. allows you to add GPS location 2. See max/min/avg depth 3. Temperature max/min 4. dive start time 5. dive stop time 6. dive duration 7. Manually Additive notes: a. suit type b. rating c. interval d. altitude e. man/min/avg heart rate f. dive mode g. MB-level h. Oxygen % i. Start/End Pressure j. Tank Number k. Weather l. Visibility m. 1-5 Star Rating n. Additional Comment Space I would...View Full Review

Suunto Eon Steel Tank POD Transmitter Reviews

Suunto Eon Steel Tank POD Transmitter Reviews Eon Steel Tank POD Transmitter

Reviewer: James Clum

Suunto Eon Steel Tank POD Transmitter Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - there is not a whole lot you can say about a transmitter but here is what i haveit works well even at a pretty good distance, (in case you are planning on monitoring someone elses pod(s) like i plan to do for my children.) first off, you have to have it connected to a tank with the gas on for it to register with the computer. the computer will tell you when the pod battery is low. it is fairly simply to replace the battery and could be done on location if you have the kit and the tools. not much else to say, it does its job as expected. no complaints so far. - jamie c.

Oceanic Wrist Boot Reviews

Oceanic Wrist Boot Reviews Wrist Boot

Reviewer: Gerald G.

Not as advertised - Did not fit my front button Aeris Atmos-1 air computer. Nothing wrong with it other than it was described as fitting front button computers. Took twice as long to refund purchase as stated on website, and was only performed after I inquired about refund after passing the 5-7 business day time frame stated.

Sherwood Hose Mount Compass Reviews

Sherwood Hose Mount Compass Reviews Hose Mount Compass

Reviewer: Rastam H.

Excellent Compass - Im a recreational diver, and used this recently to practice navigation. I only did a 180 but it was sufficient. I would have given it 4 stars, but the one I got was not seated correctly in its plastic casing. The red lubber line did not go through the "side" window. With a little effort, I was able to take the compass out of the casing and reset it correctly. Also note that the hose mount is too big for the Miflex HP hose, but can hook on to the rubber protector that the Miflex hose has at the end of the hose.

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Reviews Console Padded Protection Sleeve

Reviewer: Ginette L.

Scuba Console Padded Protection Sleeve Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Recently bought the Mares wrist computer and this pouch came with it as a promotion! It is nice to know that you can protect your equipment from scratches and other misshapes during travel. Now have to look one up for my husband for his wrist computer! lol :)

ScubaPro Uwatec USB Smart Infrared Download Kit Reviews

ScubaPro Uwatec USB Smart Infrared Download Kit Reviews Uwatec USB Smart Infrared Download Kit

Reviewer: W F.

Thank you - The SCUBAPRO infrared download kit was received quickly and worked perfectly.

Suunto Transmitter Reviews

Suunto Transmitter Reviews Transmitter

Reviewer: Andrew Wells

A lesson on Gray-Market Resellers - I am extremely impressed by Suntos technology however buyer beware when buying gray-market merchandise. Scuba.com is an authorized dealer- which virtually means, for a little more money they will stand by their authorized warranted products. If something goes wrong during the warranty period, the manufacurer or Scuba.com will take care of you. "Sleezerpro" is not an authorized dealer & I got burned because of it. Sleezerpro also takes it upon themselves to perform repairs onsite- oftentimes against the will of the manufacturer. Sleezerpro will give you a "warranty", but if they choose to modify the terms of their "warranty" or fees involved they may do so & leave you "high and dry"...View Full Review

Sherwood Wisdom Soft Case Reviews

Sherwood Wisdom Soft Case Reviews Wisdom Soft Case

Reviewer: Jure

Good fit, not enough padding, cheap construction - Wouldve been better if the case had thicker padding, and if it didnt feel and look so cheap. My Wisdom 1 computer fits perfectly into the case, so in that respect, Im happy.

Mares Matrix Tech Strap Reviews

Mares Matrix Tech Strap Reviews Matrix Tech Strap

Reviewer: Roberto G.

Mares Matrix Tech Strap Review - Scuba Gear Reviews - Exelent product Recomend for Mares Matrix

Oceanic Battery Kit for OCi & OCS Computer Wrist Unit Reviews

Oceanic Battery Kit for OCi & OCS Computer Wrist Unit Reviews Battery Kit for OCi & OCS Computer Wrist Unit

Reviewer: Christopher Larkin

OCi, OC1, OCS Battery Kit - My wife and I use the OCi and the OC1 for diving and replace the batteries in a hot swap annually. Battery, o-ring grease and screws what more could you expect from a battery replacement kit.

Sherwood Wisdom H/P Quick Disconnect Hose Kit Reviews

Sherwood Wisdom H/P Quick Disconnect Hose Kit Reviews Wisdom H/P Quick Disconnect Hose Kit

Reviewer: Michael P.

Get a Quick Disconnect - If you do not already have a Quick Disconnect, GET ONE. This helps when trying to download dives to your computer. You dont have to awkwardly try to hold your entire regulator system still while trying to keep the cable from falling out.

Oceanic Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot Reviews

Oceanic Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot Reviews Swiv Compass Clip Mount Boot

Reviewer: Kathryn S.

Old Compass - Just got 2 new sols and did not want to get rid of the old . I got 2 of these boots the compass goes in easy and is very secure. Put a small retracker clip on and now use as in or out of water compass. Great for back packing or diving. Great resicul tool.

Sherwood Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer Reviews

Sherwood Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer Reviews Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer

Reviewer: George M.

Just what I needed for our Wisdoms - Despite some confusion from another site (which is geographically closer) whether or not the guards are the same for Wisdom or Wisdom 2 they fit with no problem. Scuba.com told me they were the same for both computers. Received them way sooner than promised and in time for a dive vacation. Very happy about that!

TUSA IQ-900/IQ-950 Zen Download Kit Reviews

TUSA IQ-900/IQ-950 Zen Download Kit Reviews IQ-900/IQ-950 Zen Download Kit

Reviewer: james k.

IQ-900/IQ-950 Zen Download Kit TUSA - 5 star product but overall 4 star experience because I got two back order/delayed shipment notifications.

Sherwood Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit Reviews

Sherwood Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit Reviews Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit

Reviewer: Steven Chimienti

Everything you need - Couldnt ask for more. Everything I needed in one package.

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