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Dive Computer Reviews - Gauge Accessories

Below is a list of the most popular customer scuba gear reviews for Dive Computers, Gauge Accessories. Click the product name to view more reviews and details about that product. For longer reviews, click the View Full Review link next to a review to read the whole review.

You can see the most helpful scuba gear reviews for dive computers below. offers gear reviews from the following manufacturers: Aeris, Atomic, Genesis, Innovative, Mares, Oceanic, Oceanic/Aeris, ScubaPro, Sherwood, Suunto, Trident, TUSA, XS Scuba and more...

Oceanic Downloader - USB Reviews

Oceanic Downloader - USB Reviews   Downloader - USB

Reviewer: Eric Evans on 12/8/2007

Does the job, but... - i like my vt pro computer, but i think its a shame that the usb cordnecessary for uploading dive data to any computerdoesnt come standard. paying $400-500 for a computer is one thing, but an additional $79 for a simple usb cord stings. i cant imagine the meager additional profit is worth the customer aggravation such add-on costs cause. the product itself works just fine, though the addition of a software cd would have been welcome. the program is a free download from the company website, but its just another example of oceanic asking the customer to jump through hoops for basic functionality. the product works, and is absolutely necessary to keep a full, feature-rich catalog of... View Full Review

Aeris Computer Interface Cable Reviews

Aeris Computer Interface Cable Reviews   Computer Interface Cable

Reviewer: Millie F. on 6/22/2007

Aries AI PC download Cable - This is a MUST have item for your dive computer. Easy to use,plug in usb and follow the pc screen directions. Set up, and download took about5 min. Results have amazing stats on your dive. Price is best around.

Suunto Transmitter Reviews

Suunto Transmitter Reviews   Transmitter

Reviewer: Andrew Wells on 1/24/2013

A lesson on Gray-Market Resellers - I am extremely impressed by Suntos technology however buyer beware when buying gray-market merchandise. is an authorized dealer- which virtually means, for a little more money they will stand by their authorized warranted products. If something goes wrong during the warranty period, the manufacurer or will take care of you. "Sleezerpro" is not an authorized dealer & I got burned because of it. Sleezerpro also takes it upon themselves to perform repairs onsite- oftentimes against the will of the manufacturer. Sleezerpro will give you a "warranty", but if they choose to modify the terms of their "warranty" or fees involved they may do so & leave you "high and dry"... View Full Review

Atomic Cobalt Computer Case Reviews

Atomic Cobalt Computer Case Reviews   Cobalt Computer Case

Reviewer: Mark R. on 12/16/2013

Nice case - This case is a nice addition to the Cobalt dive computer. My only concern is that it is very form-fitting, so depending on how/what you have decided to attach to it (I have a retractor that is more-or-less permanently attached to the unit) and there is no room for the attachment hardware. Nevertheless, I found a way to make this work, and am happy to have it. If you simply have a split ring attached to the top of the computer it may fit better.

Atomic AC/USB Adapter for the Cobalt Computer Reviews

Atomic AC/USB Adapter for the Cobalt Computer Reviews   AC/USB Adapter for the Cobalt Computer

Reviewer: Kevin C. on 3/7/2014

Excellent replacement/spare part - With an upcoming dive trip fast approaching I went to charge my cobalt, in my haste I broke the USB side of the adapter, I quickly searched online and found the USB adapter reasonably priced, it was shiped in the timeframe stated online and saved my dive trip, it is an excelent part to have in your saves dive kit!!

Aeris High Pressure Hose Quick Disconnect Reviews

Aeris High Pressure Hose Quick Disconnect Reviews   High Pressure Hose Quick Disconnect

Reviewer: kyle love on 5/12/2013

Good product with room for improvement - I bought this item because I have a computer console and wanted to be able to easily detach my computer for data recording and maintenance. The Aeris quick disconnect is easier to use than having to disconnect the hose from the first stage every time but having to tighten and loosen the quick disconnect takes considerable more time and effort than your typical quick disconnect like on a BC. I would love to see them use the male and female snap quick connector instead but the current set up does serve its purpose.

Oceanic Battery Kit - Versa Wrist/Versa Pro Wrist/Veo/VT Pro Wrist/Veo 3.0/DG02 Wrist/DG03/React Pro Reviews

Oceanic Battery Kit - Versa Wrist/Versa Pro Wrist/Veo/VT Pro Wrist/Veo 3.0/DG02 Wrist/DG03/React Pro Reviews   Battery Kit - Versa Wrist/Versa Pro Wrist/Veo/VT Pro Wrist/Veo 3.0/DG02 Wrist/DG03/React Pro

Reviewer: Bill P. on 2/3/2014

Could Be Better - I have replaced batteries several times using this kit. The replacement parts are fine, but only once has the kit contained a tool to rotate the locking ring. This makes it MUCH easier than using pliers or a screwdriver. Its just a piece of stamped metal, but I suggest it be included in all kits.

Aeris XR Compass Clip Mount Boot Reviews

Aeris XR Compass Clip Mount Boot Reviews   XR Compass Clip Mount Boot

Reviewer: Ron Cooley on 7/25/2007

The ONLY way to carry a compass! - The Aeris XR Compass Clip Mount Boot with the Sherwood SUPERTILT 2 COMPASS MODULE mounted on the XS Scuba XSCERRORY MINI RETRACTOR CLIP gave me the perfect compass set-up. My compass was out of the way clipped on my BC until I needed it, then it was in my hand and ready to use. PLUS, this set-up let me swim with my arms in a natural position not the arm bent at right angle position necessary when using a wrist compass. I loved it, my friends loved it, and so did the SOB who stole it. Ill replace it with the same set-up, even though my Suunto D9 has a built-in electronic compass.

Suunto Battery Kit Reviews

Suunto Battery Kit Reviews   Battery Kit

Reviewer: William T. on 4/3/2014

Nice Kit - Battery, all extra parts and a good instruction sheet. A simple repair. If its still available 4 years from now when I need another one Ill probably buy this one again.

Sherwood Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer Reviews

Sherwood Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer Reviews   Gauge Guard For Wisdom Computer

Reviewer: Sheryl Daymon on 10/28/2013

A must have - Not hard to install, necessary for easier computer reading. I have my computer tethered to me and turn it in toward my body for protection. I do a lot of diving since I live in Hawaii and over time I will still end up scratching my cover. With these replacements my computer is like new.

Sherwood Hose Mount Round Computer Boot Reviews

Sherwood Hose Mount Round Computer Boot Reviews   Hose Mount Round Computer Boot

Reviewer: James Pavletich on 3/8/2014

Computer Hose Boot - This works great on my older Oceanic Datamax Sport. Keeps it handy but out of the way. Good deal for the price and good seller!

Sherwood Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit Reviews

Sherwood Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit Reviews   Wisdom / React / Insight / Resource Pro Battery Kit

Reviewer: Jonathan Hansen on 4/17/2014

Replacement battery and O ring for Wisdom 2 - OEM replacement-fits and works perfectly!

Aeris Wrist Boot For XR Compass Reviews

Aeris Wrist Boot For XR Compass Reviews   Wrist Boot For XR Compass

Reviewer: Scott M. on 4/14/2013

Aeris Wrist Boot for XR Compass - The boot works well, make sure you have it as tight as you can before you get in the water. The accordian part in the strap allows this so as you get deeper and start to get your suit squeeze it wont flop around. Still doesnt work quite as well as bungees, but for the money its a very good product.

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