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Deep See 2mm Kids Shorty Wetsuit Reviews

Deep See 2mm Kids Shorty Wetsuit Reviews   2mm Kids Shorty Wetsuit

Reviewer: Ron B. on 2/9/2014

Good quality - This is a well made wetsuit for kids. My daughter uses this in the winter here in Okinawa under her 3 mm full suit which keeps her torso warm. In the summer shell use it by itself as the waters here are in the 80s by then. She is 10 years old, 150 cm tall and thin yet the size large is a little too tight for her. It will maybe last her through the summer so I wish I would have gotten her an XL. She is probably more of an adult xs or s than a kids large, but just beware that is seems to run small. And you cant beat the price.

Pinnacle 6oz Kids Short Sleeve Rash Guard Reviews

Pinnacle 6oz Kids Short Sleeve Rash Guard Reviews   6oz Kids Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Reviewer: Kelly G. on 1/28/2014

not true to size - I ordered this as a gift for my 11 year old nephew and it is way too small, even through the fabric is really stretchy. I appreciate that its a great quality shirt - but I wont be comfortable to give this as a gift because it measured the same width across the shoulders as a standard kids size 8 t-shirt. Looks like my 6 year old nephew will be getting this instead!

Henderson 3mm Childs Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 3mm Childs Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews   3mm Childs Thermoprene Wetsuit

Reviewer: Kelly L. Boyle on 7/5/2013

My Premie can swim now! - I was unable to keep my 3 year old son in the water no longer than 15-20 minutes due to his lack of body fat. He was 25 weeks born premature and needs much help physically. This wet suit saved us both. He has now taken swimming lessons, played at Wet and Wild in Las Vegas and now have him in WA state swimming at the ocean side. His life and mine has been so much more happier an at ease since he is kept warm (amazingly) and able to do what other children do as well! Thank you for a great product. Best, Kelly Boyle

Pinnacle 3mm Youth Spirit Titanium Shorty Wetsuit Reviews

Pinnacle 3mm Youth Spirit Titanium Shorty Wetsuit Reviews   3mm Youth Spirit Titanium Shorty Wetsuit

Reviewer: Frank F. on 7/23/2013

Great Shortie - Great Price - We bought two of these wetsuits for our 9 and 10 yro granddaughters when we took them to Hawaii. The wetsuits were quality products and fit well. The girls liked the way they looked and were happy to wear them. We bought the wetsuits to add a little flotation and reduce sun exposure in the water. The girls snorkeled, swam, did some boogie boarding and played in the water wearing the suits. It was easy for them to move around and the suit doesnt wash off like sunscreen.

Aqua Lung. 7mm Kids Tsunami Wetsuit Reviews

Aqua Lung. 7mm Kids Tsunami Wetsuit Reviews   7mm Kids Tsunami Wetsuit

Reviewer: steve lin on 11/3/2013

Aqua Lung. 7mm Kids Tsunami Wetsuit Black/Blue 2XLarge - It his is definitely shtick and wa suit, able to withstand anything we have in SoCal during any season. Only thing is, the neoprene is not as soft and elastic as some of the higher quality surf wetsuits, like the psycho freak. But this is a dive suit, so it doesnt have to be as flexible and elastic as surf suits

Henderson 7mm Junior Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 7mm Junior Thermoprene Wetsuit Reviews   7mm Junior Thermoprene Wetsuit

Reviewer: LINDSAY H. on 5/19/2013

Concerned with the way it wears - overall very happy with this wetsuit, however i am concerned with the way it is wearing. i wore this wetsuit one day on 2 dives and it already got worn/nubby on the arm and shoulder area where the bcd rubs. the material pilled and it looked like i had worn it a lot. the dive pros i was with said their wetsuits that theyve worn on 500+ dives havent even done that. im concerned with how this issue will get as i wear it more and am not happy with the way it looks.

Pinnacle Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard Reviews

Pinnacle Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard Reviews   Kids Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Reviewer: Mitchell Moffitt on 12/12/2012

Great product at a great price - I am the SCUBA activities Director & Instructor at Missouri Military Academy (a College Prep school with a military tradition). I always get a student or two who are cold in a heated pool. I bought this product to give to the students who need an extra layer of insulation in te pool. They work great, sizes are about a size smaller than I thought.

Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Reviews

Scubamax 3mm Kids Wetsuit Reviews   3mm Kids Wetsuit

Reviewer: Deborah Horner on 3/28/2014

scuba suit - This suit works wonderfully. The fit is perfect for my son.

Henderson 3mm Childs Thermoprene Shorty Wetsuit Reviews

Henderson 3mm Childs Thermoprene Shorty Wetsuit Reviews   3mm Childs Thermoprene Shorty Wetsuit

Reviewer: Jerry A. on 10/24/2013

A new but very happy customer - High quality and fast delivery. Couldnt ask for more. I am a new customer but will be back as grandson grows into the need for more scuba gear.

Neosport by Henderson 2mm Low Top Childs Dive Boots Reviews

Neosport by Henderson 2mm Low Top Childs Dive Boots Reviews   2mm Low Top Childs Dive Boots

Reviewer: Nancy Haraisa on 9/18/2006

Great quality boot - This is actually as good quality as the boot I use for scuba diving, sized down for my 5 year old. Its a little big for her yet, but she used it in Hawaii on the beaches and walking around in case there was coral on the shores. She was happier using these than the aqua socks, even though theyre big and black. Since the rest of the family is divers, my younger one felt like she was part of the dive group. If youre wanting a nice thick boot and will be using it at least a couple times a year or live on the beach, its money well spent since the boot is likely to last longer than most other brands and models. If youre looking for something thats just for the once in a lifetime vacation,... View Full Review

XCEL Kids 1.5mm Reef Walker Low Top Dive Boots Reviews

XCEL Kids 1.5mm Reef Walker Low Top Dive Boots Reviews   Kids 1.5mm Reef Walker Low Top Dive Boots

Reviewer: Brian C. on 2/2/2012

Very versatile boots - Very pleased with our choice to get the low top boots for our son. He wears them for all water related activities including diving, surfing, river, and sand sports. Only wish that they made them in bigger sizes for my other two boys.

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