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Finis Kidz Wave Recreational Monofin Reviews

Finis Kidz Wave Recreational Monofin Reviews Kidz Wave Recreational Monofin

Reviewer: Judy T. on 6/1/2014

Kids Wave Recreational Monofin - the finis wave monofin if perfect for ing into mermaid tails. if your foot is too large for the finis mermaid monofin then this is the one to use. the foot straps are better than the finis mermaid as they go around each heel separately. the straps are also made of rubber and this ensures that they stay in place on your heels. i would recommend this fin to anyone who is using a monofin for the first time or to anyone wishing to become a mermaid! judy

View Corrective Lenses for Platina Swimming Goggles Reviews

View Corrective Lenses for Platina Swimming Goggles Reviews Corrective Lenses for Platina Swimming Goggles

Reviewer: Eric Goldsmith on 8/14/2013

I LOVE MY NEW Corrective Lenses for Platina Swimming Goggles Smoke -2.5 - I really love being able to see better under water as I swim and snorkle. I dive for petosky stones and Leland blue stones in Michigan and I can see so much better having corrective lense. also they were easy to pop in and replace the standard lenses. they also shipped very quickly, I got it in time for my vacation! lastly their customer service were happy to help, very informative and right on it! I will buy again as the need arises. thank you! Eric

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Reviews

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Reviews Swimmers Snorkel

Reviewer: Vaughna A. on 6/1/2014

Snorkel Fun - I swim everyday in an endless swim pool and have been looking for a snorkel that produces no drag against the current. This snorkel is great, I have a small mouth and the mouth piece fits great. I would recommend this snorkel for swimmers.

Head Jaguar LSR+ Standard Goggles Reviews

Head Jaguar LSR+ Standard Goggles Reviews Jaguar LSR+ Standard Goggles

Reviewer: jorge f. on 6/1/2014

excellent product - excellent product

Head Tiger LSR+ Standard Goggles Reviews

Head Tiger LSR+ Standard Goggles Reviews Tiger LSR+ Standard Goggles

Reviewer: joseph detucci on 1/4/2014

wrong item # - the #127340 item was labeled black with clear, but was packed with blue and blue

Finis Z2 Swimming Fins Reviews

Finis Z2 Swimming Fins Reviews Z2 Swimming Fins

Reviewer: Diane A. on 8/21/2011

Best swim fins ever! - These are the perfect length and fit. They have improved my stroke and increased my overall fitness by balancing my workout across my upper body and legs. This is the first time I have had fins that do not chafe or cause blisters, partly because the heel hits lower than other brands. I am 60 years old with minor aging issues, but swimming a mile a day is a joy with these fins!

Finis Zoomers Fins Reviews

Finis Zoomers Fins Reviews Zoomers Fins

Reviewer: anthony a. on 4/29/2010

training fins - excellent equipment. I use it everytime I go to the pool. They are helping me greatly.

Aqua Sphere Alpha Eva Foam Fitness Fins Reviews

Aqua Sphere Alpha Eva Foam Fitness Fins Reviews Alpha Eva Foam Fitness Fins

Reviewer: anthony a. on 6/3/2012

foam fitness fins anthony antonio - they are excellent. i have problems keeping my legs up when doinglaps these thing keep me level. i do not havetmove the legs much to pick up even the most minimal speed.

H2O Prolite Eyeline Goggles Reviews

H2O Prolite Eyeline Goggles Reviews Prolite Eyeline Goggles

Reviewer: Tim K. on 5/27/2007

PROLITE GOGGLES - These swim googles are comfortable and durable. A good value for the buck.

Finis Trainer Monofin Reviews

Finis Trainer Monofin Reviews Trainer Monofin

Reviewer: Arthur Spafford III on 9/13/2008

Great monofin for the pool - I ordered the Trainer 2 (25% stiffer) and like its kicking characteristics very much. If you feel you have strong legs definitely go for the 2, otherwise stay with the 1. Sizing seems pretty true/ slightly on the small side (Im a 10.5 running shoe and the L *just* fits.) The fin will improve your dolphin kick and provide a good workout in the pool. Well made monofin for training, which is its purpose. Would buy it again.

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