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Aqua Sphere Vortex V8 Hand Paddles Reviews

Aqua Sphere Vortex V8 Hand Paddles Reviews    Vortex V8 Hand Paddles

Reviewer: Gordon O. on 11/14/2011

Great Buy & they Work - Hand paddles. Ive not seen a consistent name for this kind of product. I think of them as fins for the hands. My swimming workout seemed to be lacking something. SO I looked for an inexpensive "hand fins" so that I could experiment with them. These work extremely well and are well priced. I have 2 minor concerns: 1. The teenager deep inside me thinks they look dorky, like I put them together in my basement with sheets of plastic, surgical tubing and a hole punch. BUT THEY FUNCTION PERFECTLY!!! 2. I wonder whether, eventually, algae will start growing in the surgical tubing and gross people out. Im thinking probably not: I only use them in chemically treated swimming...View Full Review

Cressi Nose Clip Reviews

Cressi Nose Clip Reviews    Nose Clip

Reviewer: Barbara Rock on 10/20/2012

Nose clip not for thin noses - I needed a nose clip and looked and looked for the kind of my youth, ya know, the flesh-colored one with an attached rubber strap? I couldnt find any cuz it was after the swim season. But I did find the Cressi one. I have to attached wax to the tips to keep it on my nose. My partner uses hers and her nose has more flesh than mine and hers works beautifully. Mine slips down and barely keeps the water out. I have to adjust it after every lap practically. I guess Ill keep looking for the one from yesteryear.

Finis Latex Swim Cap Reviews

Finis Latex Swim Cap Reviews    Latex Swim Cap

Reviewer: Gino Mourlot on 10/7/2013

GREAT PRODUCT - I have used the caps before, they are good quality

Finis Bolster Swim Paddles Reviews

Finis Bolster Swim Paddles Reviews    Bolster Swim Paddles

Reviewer: anthony antonio on 7/22/2010

finis paddles - excellent, an impliment that helps develop sholder mussels. and just all around swimming improvement tool

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