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View V500 Platina Goggles Reviews

View V500 Platina Goggles Reviews   V500 Platina Goggles

Reviewer: Eric Goldsmith on 8/14/2013

V500 Platina Goggles Black - These goggles were are great and I really love my corrective lenses that I bought to use with them. I can see clearly now when I swim and dive! thanks again!

H2O Prolite Eyeline Goggles Reviews

H2O Prolite Eyeline Goggles Reviews   Prolite Eyeline Goggles

Reviewer: William Miller on 10/9/2012

Swim goggles - I bought these goggles based upon the reputation of Scuba and the endorsement shown in the picture. I have not been disappointed. These are great for swimming and I highly recommend them to anyone else who swims regularly.

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