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Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light Reviews   Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light

Reviewer: Mern Hau Tan on 11/30/2010

Super Q eLED Rechargeable Light review - It is one of the most wonderful underwater light I have ever purchased. The light output is amazing considering the affordable value and the miniature size of the light. The compactness fits perfectly into my BCD without hindrance on my overall equipment layout. Screw turn on/off design eliminate any accidental operation. And the range of light travel penetrating crevices is amazing. The most wonderful function is the ease on recharging of the Lithium Battery, supplied with charging dock, using USB cable. A must buy item!

Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light Reviews   VL2500P Rechargeable L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Antonio Mornar on 4/9/2014

Very good light - I spent weeks of searching for best very high lumens underwater light for good price. I watched underwater videos took with Sola 1200, and I watched some reviews with other 2500 lumes video lights. This one with discount price of 260 US$ is the best, I thought as this is Hong Kong product that it will be low end materials and quality but when I got this robust quality video light at first sight you see that it is quality product. Light it outputs is very good, and for videos 120 degrees is best for my gopro hero 3+ BE. I will recommend this light and this site with good discount to all.

Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light Reviews

Light & Motion Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light Reviews   Sola Dive 1200 L.E.D. Hands Free Light

Reviewer: David H. on 10/30/2013

Im diggin this light, Sola Dive 1200 - this is a powerful light. i use it on deep wrecks with my gopro and always on "flood" at its highest intensity. that lasts me for two dives one 25 min. deep wreck and one 60 min. reef dive on full intensity, full time. the flood setting lights up and entire room on the wrecks with about a 70 degree beam. its like having a bunch of 500-lumen dive lights with sealed spot beams all clumped together to make one wide intense flood light. the hand strap mount is convenient, leaving your hand to operate freely. it beats my buddys canister light which is hand mounted but is connected to a small coffee can strapped to his belt with a 5-ft thanks. wireless is way better.

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Light Reviews   AL900NP L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Rob D. on 2/23/2014

Big Blue AL900NP L.E.D. Torch - I am living in the Solomon Islands, South Pacific and dive every weekend, often on WW2 wrecks. The torch is brilliant. Its light, compact and very robust. Its illumination if perfect for the wreck penetrations we do. They are often totally void of natural light and heavily damaged due to them being sunk in combat. The Big Blue torch is much brighter and burns longer than previous torches. Only drawback is you only get 1 1/2 dives from the battery pack. An all round great torch.

Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon e.L.E.D. Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon e.L.E.D. Light Reviews   Light Cannon e.L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Renzo T. on 6/12/2012

bright torch - Im very happy with my UK light cannon torch. My criteria for a new torch were: - High light output - proven design - not to expensiv - rechargable battery Well, this torch ticked all the boxes. It bright, proven design, simple to operate, use of the rechargable battery or disposables (back up during holidays) and selling on for a great price. Some people might find the torch too bulky and heavy but I do not mind. I bought it because you cant find a brighter torch for the money. Regards Ronald

Underwater Kinetics Black Pak Lighting System for GoPro Cameras Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Black Pak Lighting System for GoPro Cameras Reviews   Black Pak Lighting System for GoPro Cameras

Reviewer: Mark Quinn on 12/10/2013

Great Design - This system is very light and well designed. The system is easy to assemble and use for diving with a GoPro camera. The light has an excellent seal and is easy to maintain. The case is also really nice and compact for traveling.

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite L.E.D. Video Light Reviews

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite L.E.D. Video Light Reviews   Aqualite L.E.D. Video Light

Reviewer: Alan Steele on 6/6/2013

Great Little Light - Its quite nice when a product lives up to its write up! This small light is perfect for macro and softly highlighting a shot. It does however, fall short for anything extremely wide angle... but most do! I agree with the other photographer, who uses two (2) for his wide shots. All in all... pleased with my purchase!

TUSA TUL-1000 L.E.D. Light Reviews

TUSA TUL-1000 L.E.D. Light Reviews   TUL-1000 L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: Rodolfo M. on 1/12/2013

Best Value - If you are a serious diver on a budget this is the best value for your money. I dive at least once a week. I use it as my primary light for night dives. Cant beat the size. My dive buddy has had this light for about two years with no issues. I have had mine for three months. Made by Sola under the TUSA brand. For the price you wont get a better value.

Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light Reviews

Big Blue CF900P L.E.D. Light Reviews   CF900P L.E.D. Light

Reviewer: roy j. on 5/17/2013

Big Blue CF900 L.E.D. Light - works well in monterey with visibility 15 feet or solets me look in the cracks and the critters hiding in them pleased with function

Pelican Rechargeable Stealthlite Light Reviews

Pelican Rechargeable Stealthlite Light Reviews   Rechargeable Stealthlite Light

Reviewer: EDNA DECASTRO on 11/15/2007


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